EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It involves a mixture of stimulation of certain acupressure points whilst saying releasing wording. I am happy with the "Emotional" in the name if we define an emotion as any mental or physical manifestation caused by an energy disruption which, in turn, was initially caused by a psychological or physical trauma of any kind.

There is now a debate as to whether EFT should be termed Energy Psychology or simply named as an Energy modality. The answer to why EFT was coined an Energy Psychology method in the first place simply lies in its history. It is not derived from anything deeper than that - a pure happenstance, if you like. So is it time to change the term?

You see, EFT was first introduced to psychologists and derived from TFT, which was put together by a psychologist. But, I say to anyone who would listen, TFT was derived from Kinesiology, which was founded by a Chiropractor. So we can equally call EFT Energy Kinesiology or Energy Chiropractic! However, the name Energy Psychology stuck, especially since the first two organisations that EFT was officially handed over to were psychology organisations. Now, it is up to Energy practitioners to let the world know about Energy healing or Energy modalities that work well, to replace the old term of Energy Psychology.

For me as a Reiki healer since 1999, I teach students to feel the energy of others with their hands. You do not need to dig into the past with psychology, all that is needed is to feel the aura of a person, and you can get a very accurate story of the blocks stored in their energy body.

This is somewhat further complicated by the fact that in the USA, you can get away with doing a psychology modality, but there are very strict laws or interpretations thereof for healing modalities. But then that is easy to fix. What is needed is a definition of the terms "Energy Healing", "Energy Modalities", "Energy Medicine", Energy Complementary Health Work", or any other terms that EFT belongs more to. For example, Energy Healing does not mean a cure. It does mean improving the energy flow of the person, animal, or other being, for the optimal outcome according to the Highest Good. When the energy flows better, we feel better. Feeling better may mean a total recovery, a partial recovery, a slowing down of degeneration (such as in a degenerative disease), or passing away with dignity (such as with terminal clients). It is not up to the practitioner or the self-healer to determine which path this healing goes. Rather, we accept that is progresses as is best for the Highest Good, given all other factors (such as physical or environmental).

If you want to know more about EFT, you can look for local workshops, get free guides from EFT practitioners' websites or YouTube videos, or you may prefer to dive in and find an experienced practitioner that can guide you further. Enjoy your Energy EFT journey.

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