Workplace dress codes can be very annoying – especially if they’re stricter than the regular ones and you don’t like being forced to wear certain clothes.

There’s a good way around that though – by using various methods for clothing customization, you can easily define your appearance yourself and make your clothes more unique and interesting than those of your coworkers.Of course, you won’t be able to go all out and dress in something completely inappropriate, but if you pull this off right you should be able to get some good enough results.

When you’re looking for a way to make your appearance at work more interesting, embroidered workwear can be the perfect solution to all your problems – it’s elegant and discreet enough to avoid crossing the line of any of the clothing regulations that your workplace may impose over its employees, while on the other hand it can make a large enough difference on your appearance to get you noticed.

Using embroidered workwear has to be done with a bit of caution though – it can be easy to overdo it and to get the design looking completely different from what you imagined –so if your own embroidering skills aren’t good enough, you should look for someone who can do it for you, be it a friend who’s good with embroidery or even a sewing shop.

In any case, you may have to pay a bit to get the job done, but don’t worry – embroidery is one of the cheapest ways to modify a piece of clothing so it shouldn’t set you back too much in the end.

You should prepare your designs well in advance to ensure that you’re ready for when you find the embroiderer you’ll be working with, but make sure you get them checked out by someone who’s familiar with embroidery in the first place, so that they can tell you if they’re suitable for applying on clothes.

The main problem you can face is the level of detail required to pull off a certain image – depending on how the image has been drawn in the first place, it may be either very easy or outright impossible to recreate it on embroidered workwear.

This means that you shouldn’t directly go for images that you simply like, instead try to filter through the possible options according to which ones can be actually applied on embroidered workwear with a good quality of the final results.

One of the most common problems you’re going to face with embroidered workwear, if you’re not careful, is the removal process – if you ever have to return your uniforms to the company, it may be a bit tricky to remove the embroidery without damaging the clothes.

It’s certainly possible with enough skill and experience though, but it also requires the original embroidery design to have been done in a way that makes it easily removable, as not all the different designs fit into this category, and in some cases it can be very tricky to get rid of them.

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