We all know the problem, after a long day of work, your back starts to hurt no matter what position you sit in. This is not surprising since we humans haven't evolved to sit for such a long time on end. nowadays, 80 percent of adults will experience a form of lower back pain at some point in their lives and a stunning 30 percent of adults say they have experienced back pain in the past few months. With this being such a common issue, ergonomic chairs that are said to prevent or relieve back pain and other posture related issues, have unsurprisingly flooded the market. But what do these chairs do? and are they fit for a long day of work?

Proper Posture

If you work an office job, you will spend approximately 14.000 hours sitting in the next ten years. So if your posture is not correct, you can be assured that you will develop some kind of pains over the years. Average office chairs are not supportive and often lead you to a sloughed posture with your shoulders rolled forward and your head tilted backwards to see the screen. As you can imagine, this posture is not sustainable for the long run. Not all cases of sloughing are caused by bad office chairs but certainly the majority could be fixed by a proper ergonomic chair. Such a chair main goal is to correct bad postures like sloughing by allowing you to adjust the seat dept and tilt of the back to your personal needs. This makes it possible for you to sit with your feet flat on the ground and your arms on the arm rest creating a 90 degree angle with your hips. This is proven to be the best way to sit for longer periods of time. According to the analysis of Postureg, most people suffer from lower back pain due to not using an ergonomic chair and maintaining bad posture.

Comfortability improves productivity

As you sit in your ergonomic chair, relieved form your back pain and in an optimistic posture, you will notice it makes it a little easier to get work done. No more hurting shoulders after a long day of work and waking up fresh in the morning without looking like a 80 year old man so you can start your day fresh and energetic. Besides, who doesn't like their own comfortable throne in the office? These are the benefits of an ergonomic chair.

So if you are not lucky enough to fit perfectly into your standard office chair, it might be time to convince your boss to buy a top ergonomic office chair for you. This will both prevent back pain now and in the future and make you more productive at the same time. To answer our initial question; yes, an ergonomic chair is fit for long hours. And not only that, in most cases it is absolutely necessary to prevent lower back pain.

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