Every day is a challenge for me. If it isn't me getting older or greyer it is health wise. I am not happy being a forty year old in a sixty year old body. I keep asking myself "How did it happen and when did it happen? Basically I am sure someone made a mistake and I find no humour in it. I have become the famed grumpy old lady.
I am pretty sure I am not the only person that has realised they have become old and have no idea as to exactly when it happened because I don't feel any different and thank god I look good for my age which is thanks to using every anti -aging cream I can afford. My birthday is coming up and though it sounds silly it has taken me by surprise. I can’t actually believe I will be sixty.
Every day starts with a challenge when I have to get out of bed. When I do wake up I know I have either had a bad night sleep and don't want to get up or I have had a good night sleep and just want to stay snuggled up and content. I have no choice as I do work full time so whatever type of night I have had I do have to get up. The economic climate is something we all worry about, don't we? We are all in the same boat and find that our financial situation does weigh heavily on our minds. The challenge regards finances are just to get through day by day until we get to the next payday and then the cycle starts all over again. I have learnt as I get older that worrying can just make any situation worse because if you can’t resolve a situation why waste the bodies energy being negative. I have cut back as much as I can so now all I can do is to take every day as it comes and be in a more positive frame of mind. I believe that basically you either have it or you don't so I don't worry about things I have no control of and I can't change but to work positively on the things I can.

Work in itself is a challenge and as we know a full time day does actually take up the best part of the day because it is just a matter of trying to keep our heads above water really so that really is important. In my case I have found so far so good! My personal biggest challenge of my days is when I get home because I really do need my own space and time to chill out which unfortunately having two adult sons living with me is no easy task. I find that I can sometimes manage it when I go into my little heaven which is my conservatory. As soon as I walk into the conservatory I immediately feel more relaxed. I love the way it is decorated and especially the Hunter ceiling fan with light and remote control. It offers a nice gentle breeze, great for hot flushes, but also reverses in winter and can save me a load on my energy costs in the winter.

I can sit quietly relax and motivate myself for whatever new challenges tomorrow will bring! Thankfully after that the day ends and I can go to bed with a clear mind and know that whatever comes I can cope and deal with it.

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I enjoy writing my thoughts and opinions. It makes me happy that I can do it and enjoy doing. It not only gives me a way to vent but also share experiences so I have managed to write over 130 of them. Some are factual and a lot just me moaning about one thing or another. The one thing that is constant is my love of Hunter ceiling fans and I want you to love them as well. Visit www.hunterfan.co.uk and fall in love.