We all come across failures in our lives but we don’t evaluate what does it really means. We have seen many great people who struggled all their lives but have come out of their failures with flying colors and have made a name for themselves. We often see people admire someone who have become a successful person despite of going through so many difficulties and failures. So the real question is that is failure persistent or is it start of something new? Well the answer to this lies in the self-belief of the person going through tough times.

There are people who feel dishearten from failure and stop trying and there are people who become stronger after every failure. So can we say that failure is just the state of mind or is it something else? Well, one of the most important life lessons is that we become what we think we are. If people start to take their failures as lessons and bring out the positivity in each failure then things become a lot easier. Failures are not what people think they are but they have hidden meaning in them. If you fail, this doesn’t mean that you are incapable rather it means that the efforts you putted in were not enough.

So let’s evaluate failure if it is persistent or if it is start of something new:

What if Failure is Persistent: There is a saying that “change is the only constant thing in this whole universe” and this certainly is the truth. So if you fail multiple time it doesn’t mean that you will not succeed in whatever goal you have set for yourself. Failure can be seen as the other side of success. So when you don’t succeed you fail and when you succeed you don’t fail. This is quite simple, the only thing is that how you take it in your life. Suppose you take failure positively this means that you are ready to start all over again. If you take failure negatively this means that you are cautious of whether you will succeed the second time or not. And this is where your failure becomes persistent. So we can say that failure can be persistent if you have negative mindset.

What if failure is considered as start of something new: We all know that nothing is permanent. People who thought they will rule the world are now gone and everything is going on as it goes. So failure can also be taken as start of something new. People who think failure as two sides of a coin are happier in their lives than people who grief over their failure. Failure is not something that will last forever so people who think this way tend to succeed one day. And this is the true definition of life. Remember that when you were born you did not started walking straight away, you first started to crawl, you fell many times, your cried many times but ultimately you started to crawl and hold yourself. Similarly you learnt how to walk so when you fall you tend to get up and start again. This is very much similar to failure and this is how you should treat it. Failure is not the end rather it is start of something new.

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