Why is it that when we start a business we automatically think we cannot afford someone to do any task? Instead, we take it all on ourselves, only to get burned out on the tasks that we not only hate, but have spent hours trying to figure out how to do them. Outsourcing and increasing profits go hand in hand especially if you are a lone ranger like a coach, mentor or single practicing physician.

Well fear no more, help is on the way. If you have heard of Fiverr.com, I guarantee it will become your next best friend.

So what is Fiverr.com? Individuals post things that they will do for just 5 dollars. Yes, 5 dollars. You will be amazed at what people will do. This individuals are from all over the world and once you start searching, you will see exactly what I mean when I say they will do just about anything!

Here are some ways you can utilize the experts on Fiverr.

Book cover, business card, banner, CD design

Writing and spinning of articles

Making videos

Uploading to Kindle



Create metatags and keywords for your website

Submit website to directories

Design FB cover images


Of course, there are limits on the 5 dollars. For example they may transcribe 20 minutes of audio for 5 dollars. In Fiverr, each 5 dollar service is called a gig and you can certainly purchase multiple gigs. So if you have 60 minutes of audio, in the prior example you would need to purchase 3 gigs to complete your project.

Be sure to look at number of reviews, their ratings and all comments to get a good feel for the person you are hiring.

If you are skeptical, hire them for just one gig and test them out and see how they do. It is only 5 dollars. You really can’t go wrong.

Overall, Fivver is excellent. One of my favorite people on Fiverr is Baslokesh. He is awesome and completes all sorts of graphics such as book covers, CD covers, business cards, banners and twitter backgrounds, etc. You can’t beat it. He is so accommodating and will make multiple revisions to your document. Most of the professionals act in the same manner on Fiverr.com. They really want to make sure that you give them a good review at the completion of the gig.

In the end, you will increase profits and be able to have more time doing what you love to do.

Author's Bio: 

Gail Sophia certainly does not lack wellness experience. Over the years she has implemented hundreds of corporate wellness initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, worked in Cardiac Rehab as an Exercise Physiologist, and founded the largest wellness consulting and personal training business in her country over 12 years ago. Today, she is co-founder of HolisticMarketingMentors.com, owner of 360Menopause.com, co-host of ‘Magnificent Menopause and Beyond’ Blog Talk Radio show, and co-author of the book series, ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?’. Her latest book to be released in September 2012 is focused on increasing profits for wellness professionals.

The goal of HolisticMarketingMentors.com is to assist you in building strong practices through business skills development, mindset and exposure.