As a personal trainer and nutritional expert, personally I would say that going organic is definitely worth it. Yes, it does cost quite a bit more but you are making an investment in the future.

What do I mean?

Well by buying organic food you are getting more benefits that a nicer tasting meal, by making a stand against processed food and purchasing organic food you are saying no to the chemicals, hormones and toxins which are being pumped into our meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. You are showing that you actually care about what you are putting into your body on a day to day basis.

If we saw the process from start to finish of most of our foods in the supermarket I’m sure we would think more than twice about eating it. In most cases the perfect shaped food in the supermarket is often the end product of genetic engineering and an endless amount of growth hormones.

The more that people go organic, the more the food companies will have to take notice!

So what does organic really mean?

A food label stating that it is organic is giving you a promise that the product was created naturally and was not subject to any type of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals etc.

With regards to organic meat, you know that the animal has lived in good conditions, this helps to promote healthier animals who are less prone to illness for the duration of their life. If an animal becomes ill and needs to be treated with antibiotics it must be removed from the organic farm and sold as it has lost its organic status, according to government regulations to ensure that the product is organic.

Going organic helps to protect the environment for the future. The less harmful and unnatural substances that are being pumped into our water, food and land the better.

Everything begins with one person, just one person going organic will not put an end to environmental damage, but it doesn’t add to the problem.

As you know a hot topic for me at the moment is detox. During my course I mentioned the benefits of going organic and saying no to the harmful chemicals is very important, and beneficial to our bodies.

You can’t put a price on your health, so that is why I think organic products really are worth the extra money.

The extra price is due to factors such as extra costs to grow these foods. More farmers are needed to handle the production of vegetables for example as everything is done naturally e.g. weeded by hand.

The more organic we can get the better, in supermarkets you have probably noticed labels such as ‘organic’, made with organic ingredients and 100% organic. 100% is obviously the best but the mention of organic is a lot better than not organic, so do what you can. ‘Organic’ labelling means that the product is 95% organic whereas made with organic ingredients will be around 70% organic.

Take charge of your own health and your children’s health.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Clarke

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