Why does one of the most loved fast-food, the French fries is called as it is although its origin have been believed to trace back to Belgium?(The cuisine is believed to be a result of assimilation, the origin however is still disputed by both the countries. If the claims of the Belgium origin is true then….) a complete misnomer, right? Well, to even try to associate graphic designing as only image-based would be to assume only the head of the coin, the tail being unmarked which are both crucial for a coin to be a coin.
Graphic designing in simple terms is known as the visual communication of images, symbols and words/letters. There is this notion of accepted banter that girls in general are indecisive of things , to this regard let us pose ourselves this question, Aren’t we all? Your thoughts of ambiguity, uncertainty as to what you really want are why choices exists. A home stager will stage an image of a home that you supposedly want, an apparel designer will bring forth to life the hazy design of a dress that you once saw and loved yet lingered in the back of your mind, graphic designing as a subject combines all these aspects of images, symbols and words to life. They will present to you your ideas through shapes, sizes and types. Don’t you sometimes just look at the sombre image of a setting sun and the incomprehensible emotion just grips you, that there is the power of colour or colouring which graphic designing as an art does or the heavenly sceneries in animated movies which makes us want to belong to that world. Graphic designing makes it all possible.
Today, let us leave aside all the official aspect of what a graphic designing is and does and look at the more powerful features that are all part of the subject of graphic designing. They say words are one of the most powerful weapons, however what they forgot to mention is that an image can also be as powerful as the same. The senses of humans are indeed so very powerful which is why the whole world cried when this photo journalist captured the image of an African hunger-stricken child being assailed by a flock of scavengers alive. Just the image itself spoke a word so powerful than words itself could have expressed.
Inside the infamous concentration camp of the WWII holocaust is a phrase carved on the wall by a Jewish prisoner that stated ,’If there is a God, He will have to beg for my forgiveness’. Now, how powerful is that, we might have been fortunate enough not to have witnessed the extreme misfortunes but that phrase itself showed their intolerable world and the unimaginable, inhuman sufferings they had to face all in the name of ethnic-cleansing. And for all the animal lovers out there, it is impossible not to shed a tear when the US army service dog decided not to move away from the master’s casket, such powers are what images can do. It takes you to a different dimension and lets you relive the very moment.
We often take the diet coke than the regular one because of the assumption that the diet coke has less or no sugar in it and how is that determined? By the packaging and the label, the accuracy of it is best left to the company.
To sum it all up, yes graphic designing is image-based but the use of image is just one of the many aspects of graphic designing and graphic designing is not limited to it.

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Why does one of the most loved fast-food, the French fries is called as it is although its origin have been believed to trace back to Belgium?