Medically speaking, Baldness is no hazard!

But in so many other ways, mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally it casts its evil spells slowly and gradually. In many cases, the patients have been reported to suffer from clinical depression or anxiety. Thus, though not morbid, it can definitely destroy the overall psychological wellbeing of the patient. Why is it more rampant now? Changing lifestyles, heightened stress levels, fast paced life, fast food culture and environmental situations have all acted as a catalyst to speed up an otherwise genetic process called as Hair Loss.

Jaipur, the pink city, has become one of the most preferred cities to avail exemplary hair transplant services as the city boasts of some top notch surgeons with their high tech clinics employing world class procedures. Needless to say, that Hair transplant in Jaipur is blooming each day as we speak.

What are the remedies for hair loss?
When the hair loss starts, a few of us stay in denial, but when the process does not stop. The usual first step is read online and search for convenient remedies. Some may try one kind of hair oils, other may start eating nutritious diet or some may consult doctors for some medication. Medications like Minoxidil and finasteride are widely available options used to deal with the situation. Good results have been achieved but the permanency of these solutions is questionable. The condition has been known to relapse once the medication is halted. Obviously you can’t take the medicines perpetually.

Next comes temporary solutions such as artificial prosthetic hair, wigs which are providing instant results however, they score poorly on maintenance and aesthetics. Maintenance cost is high and aesthetics are poor.

Hair transplant
Hair transplant has quickly emerged as a treatment of choice for those who want natural looking results with low lifetime maintenance and those who focus on aesthetics. It aims to offer suitable coverage of the bald area either on the scalp or in the facial region (such as eyebrows, moustache or beard).

In principle, the procedure is performed by extracting hair grafts from the donor area (where the hair roots are Dihydrotestosterone resistant)and thus, have permanent roots. These harvested permanent hair roots are then transplanted at the target bald site while taking due care about aesthetics and hair line design

Why hair transplant seems the best option for receding hairline?

So, eventually with persistent hair loss Hair Transplant is simply the best restoration procedure. This is because
• It provides natural results including designing Hairline - The foremost requirement for anyone who understands how this is the most important reason when dealing with progressive hair loss
• The procedure is minimally invasive yet precise and thus, leads to visually appealing and aesthetically accurate results. Patients can walk out of the clinic comfortably but still are advised to rest for the remaining day after the procedure. Routine work can be resumed from the very next day. Further, the risk and complications associated with the procedures are very mild and temporary.
• Permanent results can be achieved - It aims to place DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) resistant hair follicles which stay and grow for lifetime when transferred to the target site of transplant
But it should be clearly understood that any surgery is only as good and successful as the surgeon performing the procedure. The permanency of outcome is highly correlated with the surgical hand performing this extremely fine and detailed procedure. Medispa Hair transplant clinic headed by Dr. Suneet Soni (one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in this field) is a pioneer hair transplant clinic providing superior quality hair transplant in Delhi. This clinic is equipped with best quality state of the art technology and equipment of International standards. German based high loop microscopes adds to the efficiency of the procedure and minimize the damage rate of the grafts. They have India’s largest and highly experienced team of hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni of Medispa clinic has built his golden reputation in this field over years of successful results and presently is listed as one of the top most hair transplant surgeon around the globe. His excellence in surgical skills and artistic vision has been exhaustively appreciated at domestic as well as global level.

Last but not the least, Hair transplant cost in Delhi is very affordable as compared to the western world countries. The average cost of hair transplant varies from INR 70,000 – 400,000. It is noteworthy to know that when opting for a permanent solution such as Hair Transplant, the focus should be on Cost effectiveness instead of simply cheap cost.

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