Mirror photo booths have now become extremely popular as it makes clicking of photos in the photo booth more fun. Here, you have the option to customise your photo by using the interactive screen. You can apply themes, text, and even images of props that will be superimposed on your actual photo.

But the question is should you hire this photo booth for your event in Dandenong, Brighton or Doncaster? We will certainly find the answer in the following lines. So, read on.

  • It’s loaded with features

If you want a feature-rich booth that will be loved by kids and teenagers, hiring the mirror photo booth in Doncaster is always a good idea. Why even kids? Even adults now prefer this type of photo booth as it has plenty of features to choose from.

However, if the event is something of a formal kind such as a corporate party or a wedding ceremony, it might be better to select a photo booth of a different kind.

  • Space Required for the Setup

This is another area for which the mirror photo booth has become highly popular and that is, it does not take much space for the setup. So, if you have space constraints on the event, hiring this booth is a great idea we will say.

Moreover, if you want, you can also set it up as an open-air photo booth.

  • Digital and Physical Prints

The mirror photo mechanism provides both digital and physical prints. So, if the event is comprised of guests who would want both types of photos, you should certainly invest in the company that provides mirror photo booth hire in Brighton.

On the other hand, if the guests would only want physical prints, then there is no point in hiring the mirror booth. Rather go for a classic photo booth as it will save you money.

  • Tech-savvy guests

Since the mirror photo booth will present the guests with an interactive screen, your guests will need to have some knowledge about modern technology. But if there are older people or guests who you think are not tech-savvy, it is best to hire a conventional photo booth.

  • Photo types and customisations

The mirror booth can generate all types of photos but since it is inclined more on the customisation side, we recommend that you choose this photo booth especially if you are hosting a party. However, for a wedding, you can hire this photo booth too if you want but that somewhat rare.

  • Group Photos

Guests will want to get their group photos clicked and modern mirror photo booths are also offering newer technologies that are making group photos possible in mirror photo booths. However, if there are too many youngsters who would like to get their group photos taken at once, it best to go for a conventional booth that you can hire by contacting a company that provides photo booth hire in Dandenong.

  • Props

As we have mentioned already that props might not be required for the mirror photo booth as the interactive screen has the functionality of superimposing props. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of including props and want a minimalist booth, the mirror photo booth is your perfect choice.

So, as you can see, the mirror photo booth is a versatile option and it can well replace the traditional booths. But then again, as discussed, in certain scenarios the conventional booths can remain the popular choice.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides mirror photo booth for hire in Dandenong, Brighton and Doncaster and provides consultations on different photo booths that one can hire for an event.