When someone mentions instant food, instantly what comes to your mind are small packets of noodle, soup, pasta and such. For a long time, the instant food segment had been dominated by food that is neither healthy nor particularly nutritious. Many people believe that when it comes to getting a quick bite to eat, it’s ok to sacrifice on quality and health.

The instant food market has been synonymous with the kind of food that is not particularly good for you. Taste, ease of preparation and time became a big factor in why people started eating instant food regularly.

As more and more people began to fall under the stress of work, they found that they had less time to focus on their own health. Instant food was typically preferred by students and people who work late into the night or who just did not have the time to prepare something healthy for themselves.

The popularity of instant foods does not necessarily make it the right choice. In fact, when it comes to instant food, there are so many healthier alternatives that can help satisfy your hunger and give you a nutritious meal at the same time.

Just because something needs to be made instantly does not mean that you should have to give up on health benefits. Dishes like dosa, idly and vada are a staple of the Indian diet for a reason. They can be easily cooked and gives your body some much-needed dose of nutrition.

Typically, these dishes do not fall under the category of instant food, but when made with the right batter, they can be cooked easily and served with love in minutes. What makes homemade dishes even better is that they are also very good for the environment.

Unlike regular instant food like noodles, soup and beverages, home-made instant food is made using preservative-free ingredients. This means that they are less likely to affect your health. Regular instant food contains many added ingredients and flavours which are either bad for you or are obtained from questionable sources.

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