According to my opinion, you better go for a MPPSC coaching instead of a self-study regime.

If you are capable enough, you can do the study by yourself but going to an mppsc coaching institute has its own pros. Some are-

  1. You get a competitive environment around you; as our environment plays a major role during preparation, the competitive environment will make you study more in a pressure environment.
  2. The teachers are experts in their respective fields in these coaching. They would teach you only the most important and most relevant things which are required in exams. You will know what to study and what not to. Otherwise, you'll end up studying each n everything and would end up getting stressed.
  3. The teachers there will give you insights, shortcuts, newer methods you never thought of, lines you missed, in a nutshell they will modify your problem approaching skills.
  4. Coaching institutes hold regular tests among all the students studying there. You will know where you stand in this cut throat competition.
  5. They provide you with questions and booklets and mppsc notes which are specifically made for the concerned examination.
  6. After coaching you'll be able to solve problems a normal school student can’t. You'll think faster, solve faster, calculate faster, your critical thinking would be far better. (Provided you did well at the institute and you were attentive).
  7. Even if you are a topper, there are topics even you don't understand, problems you still struggle with, there at the coaching there will be a team of teachers to help you all the time and make you and your concepts better.


These points I wrote come straight from my personal experience. Hence, I would strongly recommend you joining a mppsc coaching in indore so that you are not left behind in the race and are well equipped to fight in the battle.

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