I am in the habit of asking a simple question to myself before doing anything, particularly when I am in doubt. And that question is: “Is it good for me?” If I get the answer “yes” then I go ahead otherwise I drop the idea. For example, before eating any food I ask myself “if eating this food is good for my heath?” If the reply is in affirmative then I eat otherwise I leave it.

This simple technique is worth trying! My life is much more better now than it should have been without applying this technique. “Is it good for me” appears to be a simple question but deep down it influences your whole thinking and actions. You may not listen to the advice of other people but most probably you are going to respect your inner voice.

Do you enjoy smoking? Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy taking drugs? Do you enjoy junk food? Do you enjoy breaking law of the land? Do you enjoy making money through unfair means? Do you enjoy watching movies instead of moving your body? Do you enjoy watching sports on TV rather than going out and participating in physical activities?

Do, whatever you enjoy most because you are a free person living in a free society. Nobody has any right to stop you from doing what you want to do unless it is illegal or irritating to others. But let me ask you a question: “Do you love yourself?” As I told you earlier, do whatever pleases you but if you love yourself then before doing anything you may ask yourself: “Is it good for me?” For example, if you want to smoke a cigarette then ask yourself: “Is it good for me to smoke?” If your inner voice says “yes” then keep on smoking but if it says “no” then think again before smoking because it is injurious to your health.

Before doing anything ask yourself: “Is it good for me?” How much you can change yourself? It all depends on how much you love yourself.

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Hifzur Rehman is an author and editor of www.selfimprovement.ch
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