Emotional support animals play a great part in the mental health treatment of people who suffer emotional or psychological disorders. Doctors recommend emotional support animals as it has been seen and proved scientifically that animals help people to reduce their anxiety and can calm their blood pressure and heartbeat.

If you’re also prescribed to keep an emotional support animal and you want to register both of your dogs as your emotional support dog certification pet then this article is for you. 

Can’t wait to learn the answer whether it is legitimate to have more than one emotional support animal or not? Well, the wait is over. 

You’ll be glad to know that Yes! You can have more than one emotional support animal. It means you can register any of your pet(s) as your emotional support animal(s).



One Or More Emotional Support Animals


Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), people with psychological ailments can have more than one ESA.

The ADA designs rations for more than one emotional support animal letter pet and even defines that in particular cases, an individual with a mental or emotional disability, honestly, need more animals for rapid recovery and treatment. 

Further, the ADA acknowledges the requirements and accepts that sometimes a single emotional support animal is not sufficient and obviously it varies from individual to individual. 


Can You Keep Only Similar Animals Or Breeds?

It is not up to you. There are no such laws regarding having similar animals and emotional support animal’s main purpose is to satisfy you. So, you can register any of your pets as your emotional support letter animals such as dogs, cats, snakes, rats, rabbits, pigs, miniature horses etc.


Who Can Issue An ESA Letter?

Emotional support animal letters can only be issued by mental health professionals such as psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, therapists, or psychiatrists.


What Is An ESA Letter?

Emotional support animal letter describes the mental health condition of the patients and reveals how emotional support animals are mandatory for him.

If you get a legal ESA letter for housing then you’ll be able to avail of the benefits such as:

  • By following the Fair Housing Act (FHA) you can dwell with your emotional support animal even in a no-pet building.
  • You can travel and fly with your ESA under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA).


Can Your Landlord Refuse You If You Own More Than One ESA?

Legally your house owner can not refuse your emotional support animals. However, if you have an exotic or large animal that is not suitable for the house, then, in this condition he can refuse your emotional support animals. 

The ADA has not limited or restricted the number of emotional support animals as such. However, the FHAA (Fair Housing Amendments Act) varies little on the explanation of this rule. 


How To Convince Your Landlord To Accept Your Emotional Support Animals?


Try to negotiate and use all your convincing skills to make your landlord agree for more than one ESA letter animal.

However, if he does not agree then you should find a more welcoming, pleasant and better place for yourself and your ESAs. 


How To Get Your ESA?


You need to understand that emotional support animals are not for everyone. The term ‘emotional support animal’ itself defines its meaning that this refers to people who undergo emotional or psychological limitation and require emotional support, love and care. 

Emotional support animals provide affection, comfort and satisfaction to their owners. They help them to overcome anxiety, depression and stress. People who live with emotional support animals recover more fastly and animals help them to complete their daily tasks.




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For the last 5 years, i am full time working as a mental health therapist. I love helping people who are dealing with the mental health are related Issues. Recently I have joined an emotional support animal certification realesaletter. If you are facing any kind of mental disorder and want to acquire a legit ESA letter.