I wish there was a graph that let me know what was my fault and what was his problem. Is it my own crazy thinking that takes over at any damn time it pleases OR is there “REAL” proof that he is pulling away and NOW he’s just not that into me?

Last week we went out two nights and one of those nights was spent clothes shopping. We were looking for something he could wear to my work cocktail party. We had been exchanging texts daily and we even had one mini phone conversation.

This week has been just the opposite. There has been a complete 180-degree turn-around. Last week I received a short but amazing good morning text followed by good afternoon text. Later, I was sent a, “hey lets get together” text. This happened four times last week but this week...nothing. He feels distant and my mind starts to be consumed with the fact that, I did something unknowingly wrong or he has now decided he’s just not that into me!

At work, I catch myself checking my phone for that accidently missed call. No such luck. I can hear my mind starting to say bizarre things like; Well, I really did not like him that much anyways! WAIT ! I know this is not true but somehow I have gotten myself into a total crazed funk. All this has been accomplished in the last 48hours. How does this happen and is it just me?

There are two questions that you can ask yourself to determine if this is a “you thing” or not.

Question #1, “Would this normally bother me?” Sometimes when we start to get excited about getting close to that someone special and we become hypersensitive. Our emotions are on high alert. Is this going to be just another guy who I like and then mysteriously disappears? As you begin to feel as though you could like this guy, you may start to place yourself in and out of imaginary situations. You might even catch yourself obsessing over one thing that you thought was an awkward moment and or dwelling on something you said wrong.

Question #2, Do I have a history of looking too closely at a situation and deciding that it has to be a certain way only to later find out that it was just a matter of two people doing the same thing differently?

A prime example is when he doesn’t call when you think he should. You have allowed your view or belief to cloud what’s really happening. You say, “Maybe he’s not interested, maybe he’s found someone else.” In all actuality he could be in a meeting, at the gym or taking a nap. Now your negative emotions have clouded a relatively harmless situation.

There’s a solution to not letting these questions wreak havoc in your relationship. The key is to be able to notice and speak up gently when this happens. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Tell your partner what is going on inside your head and heart.

The magic to lasting love is being able to tell you your partner how you feel without sounding like a wacko or worse yet make him wrong! Approaching the situation with an open mind and kind words can go a long way.

Its one thing to have a personal event in your head but to project that event and the emotions that it carries onto another is not something that a good partner does.

It is quite all right for it to be “just you” real or imagined.

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