Sending your child to a play school is definitely not an easy decision and has to be made very wisely as this is directly going to affect your child's future. Owing to a lot of competition in the educational sector, there has been a continuous burden on the children as well as the parents and hence it is very important to build a strong base from the very beginning. Sending your child directly to a formal school can make things very difficult for him.

Former schools usually have an age requirement that has to be fulfilled. In most of the schools, it is 18 months whereas in others it is two years. Your child will only be granted admission if he/she falls in the required age group, or else you will have to wait for a whole year to get your child admitted. There is no such problem as far as please schools are concerned as you can easily get your child admitted till he/she is eligible to get admitted to a formal school.

Another important factor is the maturity level of the child. Although children are definitely not as mature as adults, they surely have a certain level of maturity as per their age. There are many children who find it very difficult to stay away from the parents especially their mothers and sending such children directly to a formal school can be very stressful for them. The staff members at play schools are trained to handle such situations with great expertise. Playschools even offer some activities and programmes that will help your child to become stronger mentally.

Most rather formal schools focused on the academic growth of your child and this way your child may become dull or stop indulging in other activities, whereas playschools Carter to both academic as well as recreational needs of their students. They aim at teaching in the most playful manner such that each and every child enjoys the learning process. The offer various activities, games and other events that not only make your child physically strong but also help in their mental growth. Each class consists of 10 to 15 children only which makes it easier for teachers to give individual attention to every single student.

It is advisable to send your child to a play school first as this will help to prepare him for a formal school. Formal schools usually offer admissions on the basis of interviews and tests for which the child has to prepare beforehand. Some parents think that they can prepare their children on their own without any help but the fact is that it is very important to do so without proper knowledge. Children are to be taught in a way grabs their attention as well as interest. The learning process has to be very consistent and you have to be regular with the studying hours as well. However, with the increasing workload, it becomes very difficult for the parents to take out time to do so. Hence it is better to send your child to a play school where the staff is entirely dedicated to catering to the needs of your children and teaching them in the best possible way.

It has been seen that children who attend a play school have higher chances of clearing the interviews and tests for formal school admission as compared to those who directly go to a formal school.

Also, it should be noted that there are many children who suffer from learning disabilities and it will be very difficult for them to compete with other children. Such children need special care and are to be taught in a very different and specialised manner keeping their needs in mind. Sending your child to a playschool can help him/her to overcome this problem as well and the teachers exactly know how to deal with such children.

Hence if you are planning to send your child directly to a formal school admission in ghaziabad instead of sending him/her to a play school first, you might want to reconsider your decision. Do not make the decision abruptly and rather ponder upon it wisely as this is going to shape the future of your child.

One of the most difficult parts of parenting these days is to take out time for your children and teach them new things. Owing to the excessive workload, parents are hardly able to take out any time to look after their children during the daytime. Playschools have proved to be a boon for such parents by helping to groom your children and prepare them to face the various challenges that will help them to become strong mentally as well as physically. A lot of people think that it is better to send their children to former schools directly but the fact is that sending your child to a play school first is a far better option as the staff members at a playschool are highly trained and specialised with handling small kids and tending to their needs. Each and every child is given. There are a lot of play schools offering nursery admission in Ghaziabad but Little if you are looking for the best play school that is offering a wide array of facilities and activities, Little Leaders is your ultimate destination.

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Hence it is better to send your children to a play school first as this helps to prepare a child in the most efficient manner and helps him/her to grow strong physically as well as mentally. Apart from this, Play schools also aim at helping your children with problems like social anxiety and learning disabilities which are very common among toddlers. You do not have to worry about the diet and nutrition of your child as play schools offer proper and nutritious meals and make sure that each and every child's needs are properly addressed. They also offer interactive programmes and learning sessions to make the whole process of learning fun. Little Leaders is listed among the top play schools in India . The school has a specialised and highly dedicated staff and offers a wide array of programmes and courses directed towards the development of your child.