Necrospermia can affect male fertility and lead to male infertility. Male infertility is generally related to sperm deformity, azoospermia, or necrospermia. There is also a case that men have a significantly lower sperm survival rate, leading to female infertility.

But some people still want to ask, will necrospermia cause infertility?

Men with necrospermia can also have fertility ability. Because the degree of dead sperm is different for each patient, there is no fixed value representation. But the people with necrospermia have a lower chance of fertility.

After one hour of semen excretion, the mortality rate of sperm exceeds 40% of patients, and the results of more than three tests are all the same, which is called necrospermia. Pregnancy requires sperm and eggs to combine, and the higher the sperm mortality, the lower the chance of pregnancy.

Dead sperm refers to the high mortality rate of sperm in the semen, but there will be good quality and strong vitality sperm in semen of such patients. When these sperm and eggs meet, women will be pregnant. So, it is possible to have a pregnancy, but the probability is lower than that of normal men.

Pregnancy requires mature sperm and eggs to form fertilized eggs and safely implant in the endometrium before developing into embryos. The more sperm is dead, the lower the chance of pregnancy. It is difficult to conceive naturally when the patients with necrospermia do not receive treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that the patients be diagnosed by examination and treatment, and pregnancy should be considered after treatment.

The survival rate of sperm in healthy men is only 60% to 70%. If the survival rate of sperm is lower than this value, it is lower. During the examination, within 1 hour after male sperm discharge, the active sperm should be more than 70%. If the sperm with vitality is less than 50%, it is regarded as abnormal, called low sperm activity.

Here are the factors that affect sperm death or low survival.

1. Infections in the reproductive system. These infections have a significant impact on men's health and may also cause necrospermia. If some men have prostate diseases, it may also cause symptoms of low sperm survival rate. Some men have seminal vesiculitis, which can cause similar symptoms.

Patients need treatment for these reproductive system diseases, especially for men with prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and orchitis. Antibiotics are the first choice. In the case of recurrent symptoms and chronic inflammation, they should choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a patent herbal medicine formula. At the same time, it can treat these diseases together and not cause harm to the body, will not produce drug resistance, and play a role in continuous sterilization and anti-inflammatory.

2. Some men have necrospermia due to long-term abstinence. Because long-term abstinence may cause the sperm density to increase obviously, and it may also cause seminal death sickness, it may appear the sperm activity is low.

In this case, men need regular sex. Abstinence or frequent sex is not desirable.

3. If men have a varicocele, it may lead to similar symptoms. It may also cause patients with testicular or epididymal parts of the blood circulation to be not smooth and significantly impact the male reproductive health.

Once varicocele is confirmed, patients should choose the appropriate treatment to control the development of the disease as soon as possible. If patients with varicocele are not complicated with infertility, they can select conservative treatment. If the symptoms are severe and conventional medicine has been unable to improve the symptoms, patients will need timely surgical treatment.

In addition, many factors can damage sperm, such as smoking, alcohol; Radiation, and some drugs; Long-term sedentary block testicular blood supply and reduce spermatogenesis. Therefore, men should quit smoking and alcohol, strengthen exercise, adjust diet, pay attention to health, do not wear tight underwear, and avoid sitting for a long time.

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