If you have a pet dog, you will have to plan a pet door sooner or later. The sooner, the better! And not every dog lover wants the same, generic pet door. Sometimes, people want a pet door in glass.

Do you resonate with that? And are you thinking about whether it is possible or not? The answer is yes you can install a pet door in glass.

There are dog lovers who don’t wish to drill and saw the walls or the exterior walls. They are the ones who would happily invest in a lavish pet-door. An in-glass doggie door is the best solution for them. You can find it as the inserts for the patio doors which can slide inside the track. Some people worry if that will hurt the patio decor. The installation will not eat away the Patio's beauty.

An easy task

Many pet lovers often fret installing a pet door in the glass, thinking it's a massive duty task. The truth is other than being a smart idea it is also effortless. You will require some essential tools and a few buys. You can even know a little bit about the dog door for glass sliding door. And equipped with detailed directions you can execute the task within a concise time.

1. You have to measure your pet

It could sound a little funny. But to ensure that your pet moves freely in and out of the door you need to get the correct pet size. The pet door sizes are generally small, large or medium.

There are two different ways to measure your dog. First, you can measure from the head to the knees. After that, you can measure right across the shoulders, as that's a wide part of the pets. Always keep a note of these measurements so that you have it handy.

2. You need to purchase a few things

Once you have the pet size, you can go shopping. While you search for a brand-new pet door, it is essential to know that you will be installing the pet door in glass. Hence, it's better to buy a self-framing door. It is secure, and you will have to take no extra step to secure it.

3. You have to measure an old glass spline

In case of the storm doors, you will find that the window glass is separate from the door frame. A glazing spline separates it, and the spline depends on the glass thickness.

Take the measurement details of the glass spline and get it replaced if that’s very abrasive. You should measure it precisely, as modifying a new spline will be challenging in some ways.

4. You have to measure the glass

It is the most significant step in the installation process. You must take precise measurements before you place an order for new glass sheets. Also, get the glass cut accordingly. Just in case there is a slight mistake of 1/8 inch, it can become cumbersome for you to trim the excess.

Also, if your glass is very small, it has the danger of falling down during the installation process. That will be a complete loss of money, energy and time. You will have to buy another one.

Also, if the window glass is cracked, you might have to lay it atop the table and get it assembled for accurate evaluations. When the glass gets shattered totally, you can take precise measurements by evaluating the spline.

5. Complete the task

You have to attach a brand-new glass sheet in the spline and place it at the back of the storm door frame. As the glass fits perfectly, you must re-attach your storm door. Also, complete setting the screws that you took out before. You need to wear gloves while using a glass. The sharp edges can cause a scratch on your hands if you don't take proper precautions.

Door installation – Few important things to keep in mind
One of the most important things to remember is to ask for help if you are not a pro. Sometimes, people can create a pet door in a glass using a manual or video instruction.

But if you are sure that you can’t get it done all by yourself, there’s no need to take the hassle and stress on yourself. The best way is to appoint one who can. It can be a family member or friend who has installed a pet door himself/herself in their house successfully. Or even better, you can appoint a professional service provider. You need to note down the materials that you require and co-operate with the professional service provider.

Installing a screen door – The screen pet doors are close to the exterior doors. However, there's just a single exception. You have to cut the screen using a pocket knife. Ensure that you use the screen door pet kit to go ahead with the installation.

Installing sliding patio doors or glass doors – Always make sure that you cut the glass close around the door, else it will completely shatter. The best way is to opt-in for a sliding patio door gently inserted in the doggie door. It fits correctly in the sliding track.

While the sliding inserts are costly, they enable you to obtain a pet door minus the sawing and cutting in the door or wall.

You also have access to the in-built glass doors for pet doors. You can install it very much like an ordinary exterior. There will be many changes other than the predicted ones. You need to discuss it all with your professional service provider or installer and address the changes. If you have any suggestions and questions, you can address those as well.

However, once you have installed the door, comes the most challenging part. Getting your pet dog used to the glass door. Similar to every new thing that you introduce in their lives, your pet dog will have to grow comfortable around it the first time.

Dogs don’t think of using the doors right at the start. They are used to move freely! And some dogs are also scared to use the pet door. They feel it is some kind of trap. Hence, you will have to train them accordingly.

Training is imperative, and that will solve the problem. Are you wondering what the best way to address the training part is? You can just introduce the dog to the newly installed pet door. Don't get to the flaps right away.

Let them get familiar with this new installation. Your pet will take some time to get used to it, but eventually, it will. Start by holding the flap open and gently urge them to move through it. If you want you can also use the dog’s choicest treats. Keep another person on the other side of the flap as well.

When your pet feels slightly ease around the new door, get him/her introduced to the flap as well. You might want to lower it slightly every time your dog walks through the door.

Keep on encouraging them with small treats as that helps hugely. It's a good idea to involve your dog trainer in the process. That would make them learn fast, and you will face no extra hassles.

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