Most people do not have the time or years of experience it takes to become a successful trader or investor. Over 90% of those who try to go it alone or trade on their own, loose everything and blow out their accounts within 6 months to a year. If someone could offer you a sure thing, a way for you to make an amazing return on your money without having to constantly watch the market or risk everything, what would you do? I know if I had that opportunity many years ago I would have jumped at it.

Most buy and hold investors are thrilled with an annual return of only 10-15%. I can show you how to make between 48-75% in just 12 months. How can I do that? How is it possible to make such an incredible return? If I told you that I am able to make 300-400% profit per year, would you believe me? It’s possible to make well over that too, but I’m being conservative. I’m not selling you a program or educational course or any special software with magical indicators for thousands of dollars that will “miraculously” make you an instant successful trader overnight. You could literally spend thousands of dollars, months or even years trying to get a decent trading education, make costly mistakes through trial and error before you can become successful at trading, if you don’t become discouraged and give up along the way.

This is hard work and takes years to become confident and successful at trading futures. If you are tired of jumping from one system to another or especially if you have little or no experience trading on your own, find someone who has done it sucessfully and ask them for help. It is virtually impossible to find professional traders who are willing to help others in this manor, unless you are a close friend, they are reluctant to share their hard earned talent and abilities with you.

It’s not easy to put your trust in or give your hard earned money to someone you might or might not even know very well. How much have you wasted on get rich quick schemes and given away money to total strangers through the internet or by mail who sold you useless information over the years? You might be wondering why I don’t just charge $5,000-$10,000 to teach what I know or even charge a monthly subscription fee for ongoing support or begin a trade room where you can just copy my trades. I have thought about that and maybe someday I will, but that would only help those who have the time to sit in front of their computer from 7:30 am to about 3:00 pm EST everyday waiting for the perfect trade setups. It is very time consuming, but highly rewarding and not everyone has the luxury to spend that much time in front of a computer screen. It also takes many years to develop a feel for the market, something that is not easily taught. Why spend years and thousands of dollars to learn how to trade like a pro. Are you tired of all the tricks, gimmicks, automated investing robots and so called home-based on-line businesses promising to make you rich overnight? Are you still looking for that secret exclusive investing society or club to solve all your financial needs? Are you ready to make some serious money? Would you like to make consistent, predictable profits every month without the risks of trading on your own? There are very few traders who would be willing to trade for you, good luck trying to find one. Many traders would rather sell you an expensive course on how to trade.

If you are interested in finding out how to make 48-75% on your money every 12 months or have any questions, please feel free to reply to this letter with your contact information and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Author's Bio: 

I’m a full time independent commodities futures trader, specializing in crude oil futures. I have been studying and trading the stock market full time for over four years.
Through trial and error and after trading and testing many systems, I have developed my own extremely profitable system for trading crude oil futures. I’ve taken the best of several systems and combined them into one that has been working consistently well for me. As of March 30th, 19 out of the last 22 trading days closed with profits. Only 3 days ended with a loss and those losses were small. That gives me a current profit ratio of 86%.