Is It Possible To Overcome Anxiety: How to Fight Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can occur in one out of ten people at some stage in their lifetimes. These attacks can be very terrifying experiences but are nevertheless harmless and not dangerous.

Symptoms of panic attacks can include heart palpitations, breathlessness, chest pains, sickness, and tingles of hot or cold flushes. The attacks can be just a few minutes but may also last up to an hour.

If you think that you have a panic disorder, you may have to consult your doctor to discuss your issues with him. Or you may also find these tips about coping with panic attacks helpful.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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First, if you feel that a panic attack is arriving and you find your breathing to increase rapidly, slow it down by breathing little by little in and out of a brown paper or cupped hands. Anything you can use to cover your mouth and nose while you breathe slowly will do.

When in panic, you may feel that you cannot grab hold of your breath; case is, you are taking in too much oxygen because of over-breathing - this makes you feel impulsive. A paper bag will help you normalize your oxygen levels.

The second tip for coping with panic attacks is to change your lifestyle. You should exercise everyday. Exercising will help burn off the excessive adrenaline responsible for panic and stress. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Keep your blood sugar levels stable by eating the right kind of food regularly and by limiting yourself from processed foods and drinks.

Third, do not attempt to fight a panic attack. You surely would want to escape a panic attack by fighting your way out of it. But you should know that this would just increase your adrenaline. What you have to do is accept the feelings when they come and go and let the symptoms of panic take place. The panic may subside if you imagine yourself floating above the feelings and symptoms.

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The fourth tip for coping with panic attacks is to not keep your emotions bottled up. If you have issues, find someone you can talk about your problems with. Your family, friends and counselor may be of great help to you. Do not stress yourself with your feelings to not get panic attacks.

Fifth, find an outlet. Do not focus on yourself during a panic attack. When under panic, listen to a soothing music or do tasks that will bring you pleasure while you are waiting for the attack to be gone.

Sixth, convince yourself that the symptoms you are experiencing from panic attacks are result of your over-sensitive nervous system and that the panic attacks you are experiencing and the feelings attached with them are not medically hazardous to you.

Firmly tell yourself that you can cope with all the panic attacks if you just reduce the stress and anxiety you feel. Learn the basic relaxation technique; this will assist you reduce panic attacks by making yourself ease the tension you feel in every part of your body.

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More and more people from the world are suffering from panic attacks and general anxiety. It is better for you to react fast and get help as early as possible to deal with it before becomes a chronic disease, which will be more challenging for you to get rid of it.

This article is giving out three tips on how to deal with general anxiety.

1. Communicate- share your problem with your friends who you can trust. It is one of the effective ways to release your stress, your fear and you anxiety, talk them out. Do not afraid and feel shame to share, who knows they have experienced the same and able to share with you a valuable tips to deal with your general anxiety.

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2. Occupied your time with relax and leisure activities to keep your mind away from problems. Think of what you want to do over the weekend, maybe have a small gathering with friends or family, go for a short holiday, go for voluntary activity, or simply cook yourself a good meal. Those leisure activities are a good way to ease your mind and stop you from thinking of those negative problems.

3. Be confidence on whatever you do. If you are anxious when talking to people do not avoid it instead face it, take a deep breath and start with a casual conversation. You can talk about weather, talk about food, talk about music or anything else that you are comfortable.

You can start act on it to deal with general anxiety with these given tips.

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Anxiety is not that uncommon with people, since it is a natural response to certain stimuli in our environment. However, one should remember that he must not over do this feeling to the point that it would affect him too much. You should know that it may be necessary to feel anxious about certain things but letting it affect your life would not be healthy. Thus, when you feel certain anxiety attack symptoms, you should do your best not to let it go worse.

Having anxiety disorder is one of the conditions that a person should be careful. Even if this is a known disorder, those people who are too much affected by their anxiety become disabled. Even with the common phobia and panic attacks may lead to too much effect if it is not solved at an early stage.

This is why you should know the common anxiety attack symptoms. You should know how to control yourself and how you will be able to avoid further complications of your condition.

One of the common symptoms is a change in the breathing of a person. Breathing becomes difficult that the person also feels his heart pounding. Along with this, the body of the person also is affected that it trembles in an uncommon manner. These are the manifestations of panic attack and anxiety. The individual may not have full control of his body. Also, the person may feel that he is going crazy and there is uncertainty for the time when this episode would end thus, survival is also in question.

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A person may find it hard to distinguish the real cause of anxiety. This makes the situation even harder because you may not know when it would attack. Thus, knowing the early signs of the attack may help you in preparing yourself for the upcoming event. You will have the chance to counter attack your situation and even find time to look for possible cure for it. An attack may happen for no reason at all. But there are many things that you can do to treat it.

You should know that you can avoid the situations that can put you into the risk of having an attack. Stress is the common factor that can cause anxiety although not all cases are stress related. Your attack may last for a few minutes and for this time, you should be able to find a way to relax and not to feel the anxiety. There are other causes that can be observed like those who think that some people make them panic or this is more of a social anxiety.

Being too self conscious is one of the causes of this situation so you should avoid thinking too much. Relaxing is the key to sole your anxiety. This may not be done easily but it can be done through practice and full focus on the better thoughts.

With the knowledge on the anxiety attack symptoms as well as the possible causes, you will have the chance to solve your situation or at least lessen the attacks.

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You are leading a very unhealthy life style if you keep experiencing panic attacks within a short period. You need to stop it fast to avoid this constant fear. You will tend to have shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, chest pain and headaches whenever you feel anxious and panic, take a deep breath and try to calm down.

Panic attacks will not bring any harm to you and you will be able to control it effectively. You must first identify the cause of the fear factor. Are you overloaded with works that causes you stress? Are you having difficulty preparing for coming presentation that make you feel so depress? Are you going to attend an important meeting that makes you feel anxious? Just sit down and think, you may even write it down to have a clearer picture on what is wrong and what is the problem that bothering you. Analyze it and choose one of the right techniques that fit your need to stop it.

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It is advisable to use natural cures to stop it. First is to have a balance diet. Avoid unhealthy foods like fast food, oily food and all the junk foods. Include more fresh fruit, vegetables and organic foods in your daily meals. Avoid high sugar contain drink and caffeine, as well as alcohol and it is a must to quite smoking.

Eating right to stay healthy and it will improve your sleeping patterns, which directly reduce your anxiety level. A quality sleep will keep us fresh, energetic and be more focus on things that we are doing.

Stop panic attack naturally and lead you to a stress free lifestyle.

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