Bathrooms and cabinets go a long way down the road. If you go through some pictures to find out how bathroom designs used to be like previously, you will find, even in the '50s, '60s or '70s bathroom vanities and cabinets were very much in trend. So, there is nothing new in installing cabinets in your bathroom. After all, it's about making your bathroom functional and modern at the same time, and installation of cabinets is the way to go.


Let's take a look at the benefits of cabinet installation.


  • Storage Made Easy


The first benefit of having a cabinet is a complete storage solution. You can have multi-purpose cabinets in your bathroom to make storage easy. If you don't have enough space in your bathroom or your foot traffic can get hindered because of the cabinets, you can go for wall mounted cabinet solutions. And, use the storage space accordingly.


  • A Look Hard to Ignore


Another visible advantage of bathroom cabinet is a contemporary look and trendy design. The best part of having a cabinet during your bathroom renovations in Willetton is you can use it for a vintage look too. Get accentuated border in the drawers and give it a vintage appearance by adding a clawfoot tub, vintage mirror and some recessed lighting in the bathroom. Cabinets truly complement your bathroom decor.


  • Makes your Bathroom Functional


Bathrooms can turn out to be a storage space for your toiletries. You cannot go out to your powder room or laundry room frequently in search of your essential while getting the shower. Having cabinets in your bathroom can genuinely save you from this hassle. So, when it comes to adding functionality in your bathroom, there is nothing better than bathroom cabinets.


What to Know When Installing Bathroom Cabinets?


  • Freestanding or Furniture?


What will be more suitable according to the overall look, space and design of your bathroom? In European style bathrooms, built-in cabinets are considered as a popular choice. Whereas, because of space crunch issues, freestanding cabinets are being considered as a popular choice in today’s time by the experts of bathroom renovations in Canning Vale. Ask the renovators about. They will tell which way to go.


  • Length and Depth


After all, the cabinets you are going to add to your bathroom are indeed not only for the appearance. It should provide you with adequate storage solution you need to have. If you go by the conventional way, you will find out the bathroom vanity cabinets are usually 31 to 34 inches tall and 18 to 21 inches deep. But, there is no standard measurement for this. You can choose any length and depth between 25 to 60 inches according to your requirement.


  • Material Used for the Cabinets


The most popular choices of the materials for bathroom cabinets are plywood, particle board and medium-density fibreboard, also known as MDF. There are timber based cabinets as well, but those are not a practical solution for bathrooms. Plywood is the most preferred option among all these. Make sure, the plywood you are going to buy is thick and sturdy enough to ensure a long lasting life.


So, these are the factors you needed to know about bathroom cabinets. Invest wisely and get a complete return on investment. Talk to the most reliable renovation specialist in your area and make your dream bathroom design come true.

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