Is It Really Possible To Increase Penis Size and Girth Naturally: How To Get A Bigger Girth

Women would adore men with bigger penis. But let's face it, not everyone has a penis size that can make women's eyes grow bigger in amazement and excitement. There are many men who are haunted by the thought that they can't please their partners in bed because of the small size of their penises. This is why you need to find ways on how to make your penis bigger so that women would come running after you.

If you try to surf the internet, you can find different methods on how to get a bigger penis size. Remember that to several women, the size of your tool matters a lot. You need to have a big tool so that you can become a fun lover that can make her sexual fantasies come true.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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A bigger penis size is usually the key in providing women with the most memorable sexual experience in their lives. If you are a guy who is trapped in the dilemma of how to get a bigger penis size, then here are some tips for you.

Before you opt for pills and supplements, you need to first verify if the size of your penis. You can shave off your pubic hairs because these might be the reason why your penis looks small. You should also loose the beer belly. When you still feel that your penis is still small, then you can opt to do exercise that will effectively increase the blood flow to your sex organ. Over the years of studies, doing exercises for the penis has been proven effective in increasing its size.

There are also some products such penis pumps that you can buy in the market so that you can increase your size successfully. The easiest way to ensure getting a big penis size that can satisfy every woman's sexual desire is to take penis enlargement pills and supplements. There are a number of supplements that are formulated with herbal essences so you will never have to worry about negative side effects during and after usage.

With these supplements, you will have the perfect solution on how to make your penis bigger. As this happens, you can be confident enough during sexual intercourse and you can provide your partner with an enjoyable and exciting sexual experience that will last in her memories for a longer period of time. In fact, the big size of your penis might just be the reason for having a long lasting sexual and intimate relationship with women.

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Penis Girth

Thickness or girth is the measurement around the middle of the penile shaft. The most accurate way to measure the thickness would be to take a cloth tape measure and wrap it around the mid section of the penis. The mid section of the shaft is not the widest part of the penis but this is the measurement that the average thickness is based on.

The average stands at just under 5 inches. That does not mean that someone who has a thickness of 4 inches has a very small penis. Every individual varies when it comes to penis size and it is not uncommon to see men with a member longer than 7 inches but with thickness of only 4 inches.

Benefits of having good girth

Good girth however has a lot of additional benefits to offer as a penis with good thickness leads to better sex for both the man and the woman. Studies have shown that the pleasure experienced by both the male and the female were a lot more when a penis of above average thickness was involved. Moreover, an individual with good penis thickness will be more efficient in bed since the individual will not have to apply various sex positions just to trigger the clitoris. Not many people out there are aware of the fact that the clitoris of a women is created to provide sexual pleasure that will satisfy the women during sexual intercourse. Hence, the essence of good girth cannot be discounted by those men who are looking to please their partners in bed.

Enlargement Options

Clearly, it would be wrong to claim that all women would like their partners to have large penis. There is no denying to the fact that some women would prefer a smaller penis. That being said, loads of studies conducted so far have made it pretty apparent that vast majority of women in fact prefer a bigger penis. Hence, most men carve for thicker and larger penis.

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That brings us to the million dollar question of whether it is possible to increase the thickness or the length of the penis. The answer is yes, enlargement of both length and girth is definitely possible. There are a whole range of options available, from surgery to pills to pumps. Surgery is very expensive and is very rarely chosen as an option as a lot of men do not feel comfortable getting their penis operated on. Not to forget the fact that opting for a surgery can cause nasty side effects in some cases.

Pills and pumps usually allow a person to gain a quarter inch to half an inch but this effect fades away quickly in a few hours. In the end, a person resorting to penis enlargement pills and pumps end up feeling dejected. So, there is no point spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on pills and pumps. There is only one permanent and completely natural way to increase the size of the penis which is through penis exercises.

A typical penis exercise program will take you through a schedule of very simple but systematic exercises that will take up about 6-8 minutes a day. These exercises will increase both thickness and length for life. A penis exercise program usually lasts about 8 weeks.

If one is able to sincerely perform simple exercises for just eight weeks, they could walk away with increased thickness and girth for life. Exercises in addition to providing size gains also improve the sexual functions of the penis. One is able to last longer during sex and climax at his own will.

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How to use jelqing techniques is a hot topic these days. A lot of people are very eager to get started but do not really know how jelqing works. There are probably a million exercise techniques scattered all over the Internet, most of them put up by amateurs who try to describe how jelqing worked for them.

The truth is that these exercise techniques work only when they are followed according to a meaningful schedule. Just like one does not go to a gym and start huge weights immediately, one should not attempt just any jelqing exercises or techniques, hoping to be bigger overnight.

Here are some beginner level exercise techniques that might help you get a handle on how jelqing is to be done. If you are comfortable, then you can proceed on with a professional jelqing program which will usually combine over 25 techniques over an 8 week period, for about 6-9 minutes every day, resulting in a permanently larger penis.

How to use the wet milking technique

1. Warm up with a hot shower or a hot towel wrap to improve the blood circulation.

2. Lubricate your penis with a good lubricant. Soap or shampoo is not a good lubricant for these techniques. Use lubricants that are sold specifically for sex.

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3. Get a 50%-60% erection. If you get an erection while performing the techniques, stop and wait for it to subside. You should also not ejaculate and treat these techniques like masturbation.

4. Make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger, and with your palm facing away, start at the bottom of your shaft and move towards the penis head. The grip should be firm but not uncomfortable.

5. Alternate with the other hand and perform up to 75 repetitions for each hand. Please note that the recommended repetitions depend on how long you have been exercising or how far along an exercise schedule you are on.

6. A slight advanced variation of this technique is when you use the same grip but hold your penis below the head. You then pull slowly and stretch the shaft for a period of 5 seconds before releasing it. This exercise has to be performed only when you have followed the basic exercises for at least a couple of weeks.

If one is serious about enlargement by jelqing their penis, he should seriously consider an organized step by step schedule that is safe and efficient.

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Need an easy way to make your penis look bigger than what it is today? Try exercising your penis! You don't need any special equipment or devices in order to carry out the exercises either. With just your hands, a few minutes of your spare time in the morning, and your dedication to regularly do the exercises, you can easily gain even up to 4 inches more to your penis size in just a few weeks time from now!

Why exercising? Well, truth be told, there are plenty of other products available out there to help you possibly achieve an increase in your penis size. But penis exercising is a scientifically tested male enhancement method which has been proven to work. So why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars on those penile enlargement tools or pills, when you can simply make use of your hands?

Besides not costing you a fortune, exercising your penis is relatively easy to do. Let me illustrate to you just how simple it is to perform the exercises on your own manhood.

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Here is a basic stretching method which helps enhance the length of your manhood:

Begin with your penis in a flaccid state. Use your fingers to hold the head of your male organ, and then start pulling it outwards away from you as far as you can go. Stop at the point where you start feeling a stretch at the base of your shaft, and hold the position for 15 seconds before letting go. After relaxing your penis, do the same routine several more times, changing the direction of your stretch every time.

There is also a different exercise routine which targets the thickness of your penile shaft to increase its girth:

Bring your penis up to a semi-erected state. Lubricate your penile body, then use the index finger and thumb of one hand to form a ring around the base of your shaft. Grip the area with some pressure, then move it down towards your penis head. Release your grip and relax your organ, then repeat the whole process several more times.

These are just 2 of the various easy-to-do exercise routines which you can practise from today. Start regularly exercising your manhood, and you can be sure of successfully making your penis look physically bigger in just a matter of weeks!

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