CBD is a popular wellness supplement that many people have been using for its therapeutic effects, particularly relief from pain, stress, anxiety and other ailments. However, because CBD comes from cannabis plants, many people have shown some concerns on whether it is safe to drive after taking it. But there are many differences between CBD extracts and marijuana derivatives. Read more about it below.

CBD and Marijuana is Not the Same

There might be places where marijuana is legal for recreational use, but it remains illegal to drive while under it because of its psychoactive effects. CBD contains little to no THC, so it does not have the psychoactive component that causes a high and other mild-altering effects. So when you say “under the influence,” CBD is not considered. This means that your driving performance and perception remains the same under CBD. You might even find yourself feeling calmer and less anxious while driving once the CBD starts to take effect.

Is It Legal to Drive with CBD?

CBD is derived from hemp, and should be legal to sell and distribute in some states and countries where its use is permitted. If you are carrying CBD products in your vehicle, you will likely face no trouble. However, expect some occasional complication when traveling with CBD because it is a cannabis extract which can cause some confusion among and law enforcement authorities.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Studies on the therapeutic potential and efficacy of CBD are still limited, but this has not stopped consumers from consuming CBD products for various reasons, such as enhanced sleep, stress relief, improved focus, better mood, pain management and anxiety reduction. The numerous possible benefits of CBD can also be helpful when driving, especially when you have anxiety and is prone to road rage.

Tips for Driving after CBD Use

It might be completely safe to drive after consuming CBD, but it is better to follow a few tips to help you become a more competent driver. First, know what is best for you. If at any point while driving you feel light-headed, pull over your car and wait for it to subside before you continue on your journey. It might be a side effect of CBD or something else, but you need to take care of it first.

Many people easily get stressed while waiting in traffic. This is not a good thing especially when you are the one driving. Considering this, it is better than you take CBD with you. It comes in various forms so this should not be a problem. Finally, keep in mind that CBD works differently in different people. Just because someone consumes a lot does not mean that you should to.

Extra Caution When Taking CBD

Although it is generally safe to drive after taking CBD, keep in mind some situations that you need to avoid. For one, dosing is an important factor when it comes to taking a CBD supplement, especially before driving. If you are a novice, it can take some time to find the right dose. Remember that taking too much can make you feel drowsy, which can be a disaster if you intend to drive.

For long time and experienced CBD users, they should also practice caution when trying a new CBD product. They should first wait and see how their body responds before getting into the driver’s seat. It is important to always practice safety when inhaling or ingesting a CBD product. It might also come in handy to know the CBD laws in your area before driving around with CBD in your car.

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