Mixing drugs together have very unpredictable effects that can lead to some concerning mental and physical side effects. People who like to use cannabis with other drugs are typically trying to achieve the following: first, they are looking to change or increase the high that they experience, or that they are already under the influence of a drug and are making a poor decision of trying another one at the same time. Read on as we take a look at the most common effects of mixing weed with alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.

The interaction between weed and other drugs is always uncertain. Because this is not an isolated compound but a substance with different characteristics, it can be hard to determine the outcome of its interaction. Marijuana might enhance the potency or effects of the drug it is mixed with so it is has stronger effects, so it is always important to ensure that to have medical assistance or consult a health professional about the drugs you want to combine.

Mixing Cannabis and Alcohol

If you use marijuana, or know someone who does, you might have already heard of “beer before grass or you are on your ass.” Although there are nasty side effects with consuming alcohol and weed at the same time mostly happens when beer is consumed first and weed after, this experience is not something that you can risk. If you mix them together, highly-prone people can experience vomiting, nausea and psychosis. This means you will be anxious, afraid and paranoid. This is called “greening out” and can be quite scary is it happens to a friend or family member right in front of you

Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco

Those who regularly combine weed and tobacco can experience the same effect as smoking cigarettes. As many people already know, smoking tobacco greatly increases your risk of developing respiratory diseases like emphysema or asthma, as well as other diseases like heart disease and cancer. Regularly consuming a combination of tobacco and weed can also make you develop an addiction to nicotine and find it much harder to quit.

Mixing Cannabis and Prescribed Medications

There is not enough documentation about the effects of mixing weed with prescribed medications, but there are same cases – particularly with antidepressants – where using weed can increase side effects like nausea, dizziness, anxiety and rapid heartbeat. Remember that every time you make drug cocktails, you are only worsening the side effects. Although cannabis is non-toxic with a high safety margin, this herb can interact with drugs, whether prescription or over-the-counter.

Take note that the information above only gives a general idea of the interaction. Remember that interactions are complex and can vary from one person to another. Marijuana alone can already have unpredictable effects depending on who you are, your family history and your mental state; thus, basically combining weed with other drugs can increase your risk of greening out or worse. Therefore, it is always advisable to use caution when combining marijuana and drugs. Consult a medical professional if possible.

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