I’m looking look out of my window this morning as I’m writing this article and witness a neighbors pet a beautiful Springer Spaniel who is allowed to wonder around in a neighbors garden in all weathers – at this exact moment of writing this article the weather and has been high winds and strong downpours for the previous week, and this poor retched dog – the beautiful Springer Spaniel, with no shelter or warmth, is shivering and disheveled and worse still seems to be suffering either from one of the regular beatings the owner inflict on the poor retched dog, or he is suffering from the effects of the ravaging weather which have been experienced lately in my local area.
Unfortunately my family has repeatedly complained to the relevant agencies about the neglect of this beautiful dog, yet the dogs suffering is still apparent with no sign of the Springer Spaniel being re-homed to a more caring and deserving family.
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When we shop for the families provisions we include dog food – we now shop regular for our pet dog dog, pet food and dog and pet accessories online now as it now works out cheaper and more importantly the heavy items are delivered to the door with no heaving carrying, for the beautiful Springer Spaniel to ensure the neighbor provides food for his pet, we have even provided warm blankets from the local charity shops and a large size dog basket, although I fear the neighbor is either selling the pet accessory items – and possibly selling the dog food, or using the blankets on his own bed, as the beautiful Springer Spaniel is still in the neighbors garden and this morning seem to be suffering from the gross neglect this pet has been subject to for many years – the dog must be about four years old by now – and the beautiful Springer Spaniel was bought as a hunting dog, but never been trained for such, or even walked or exercised on a regular basis – the only time I have witnessed the pet dog being exercised when the owner have received confirmation of the relevant agencies to attend his home, then he will be seen walking the dog in the park opposite where we both live – a two minutes walk.
Witnessing this beautiful Springer Spaniel suffering in the neighbors garden this morning, I believe the relevant agencies should be forced to take the responsibilities to protecting animals more seriously, as all animals suffering should be a thing of the past with no place to be tolerated in this day and age.
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If you can suggest a permanent solution to end the suffering of this beautiful Springer Spaniel, then please let me know – yes I have reported this issue to the relevant agencies again, although not confident of the beautiful Springer Spaniel being re-homed with a more deserving family.

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Worked for many years within the youth justice and youth offending teams where he was a project manager, responsible to the law courts system for diverting the post court young people from further participating in criminal activity.