When a major Los Angeles freeway was recently closed for an entire weekend the media labeled the event, “car-mageddon”. As in, the end of the world … for L.A. drivers. As usual, the end of the world, at least in L.A., as hyped by the media, did not occur.

What would media reporting be for the end of the world scenarios in other daily life situations? How about Armageddon related news reports such as …

Because of the of 2008 deep recession lots of pubs and restaurants have been forced to close. This is called bar-mageddon.

Because of the high cost of feed for livestock, many small farmers have been forced out of business. This is called farm-ageddon.

Because of food scarcities many people have returned to canning food and storing it for a rainy day. This had led to a shortage of glass canning containers. This severe shortage is known as jar-mageddon.

Golf courses have become more and more expensive to play and the courses themselves have become much harder to master. This is known as par-mageddon.

Due to global climate change and air pollution the evening skies are now much more cloudy, making twinkling heavenly bodies more difficult to see at night with the naked eye. This is known as star-mageddon.

During the summer months municipalities repave the streets often causing annoying detours, long local delays and severe interruption of traffic flow. This is known as tar-mageddon.

More and more bureaucrats are being appointed in the federal government to head up regulatory agencies. This has led to too many administrators regulating too many things and too many un-elected bureaucrats having too much power and being totally unaccountable to the voters or the people. This is known as czar-mageddon.

Millions of teens get pimples and acne on their face. It is unsightly and can have a serious negative effect on emotions and self-esteem. And acne can even permanently leave the skin pitted for life. Among teens this is known as scar-mageddon.

Every problem reported in the news can be made to look catastrophic. In reality few turn out to be either catastrophic or unsolvable. When faced with a scary news story ask yourself this: is it really the end of the world - armageddon - or just media hype? If it's really the end of the world, why worry? And if it's not the end of the world, why worry?

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Andrew Lawrence is the author of numerous helpful articles and 9 self-help books, including Discover Your Life Purpose in 30 Minutes. He lives happily and productively in Los Angeles and is not worried about the world ending any time soon.