When we were young most of us growing up felt very secure. The world seemed to be working well. Then as we got older we started to see the chinks in the armor society had created. Now as we are even older we see that the society we thought was perfect is broken and about to collapse. What happened?

While it will take books upon books to adequately explain what went wrong I will try to just topically address it in this short blog.

Many of us ask why is the world - as we supposedly get smarter and more technologically advanced - becoming a more dangerous, rather than safer and peaceful place. Of all the species on this planet, humans are the only ones with the gift to create a better life for themselves. We have the intellect to co-create our world. As opposed to all other life forms, we as humans can imagine a new and better future for ourselves, and create it. We can plant crops and farm animals to feed ourselves.

We have within us all the potential to cooperatively work together; to accomplish wonderful things working in partnership.

We have the ability to create works of art, to make breakthroughs in science and technology. We have the potential to make life better for all in need around the globe.

But instead of bringing peace, mankind wages war. Instead of kindness we bring cruelty to one another. We create barriers rather than reach higher levels of coöperation. Why with our intellect do we destroy the environment that sustains our own lives? Why do we destroy the planet that feeds us? Even animals do not mess their own area. Why are we so insensitive to the plight of our fellow humans? We have done this for thousands of years. When will we ever evolve above war and destruction, to coöperation and building a better world?

Will we have to destroy ourselves and our planet before we realize what we are doing to ourselves?

Many are finally realizing that we are at a crossroads. One course takes us spiraling down the same road we have traveled the past 5,000 years. The other takes us to a new shift in conscious thinking. What course will we take?

Right now we are stuck in a blame game of who is at fault. We blame government, corporations, religion, right, left, materialism, man, woman, young, old, one race over the other. We blame each other. We have not yet even reached the point where we all agree that something is really wrong. We are not yet at the point where we all agree we cannot sustain our life on this planet if we do not change our basic way of perceiving how we live together as a species.

How much additional brutality will we bring to one another and this planet before we reach the point of understanding about what has to be done to change our chosen course. Changing from a course of destroying ourselves, to building a society that sustains life and honors life? The type of society that was once the natural course of this world. A society where partnership and coöperation was the way of life. When man and women were equal decision makers in life. A time when the sword was not the final solution.

I am optimistic however, and despite the odds I believe we will as a species prevail. I believe that a new age is already here, ready for all to awaken to and experience. I talk about that awakening in my book “Awakening to the Mysterious Feminine”. This new age will be a time when masculine and feminine thinking is united. When Yin and Yang are again in balance. When the masculine solution of governing by force versus coöperation is no longer acceptable to people.

In addition to being an author I am a teacher of the 3,000 year old book of wisdom called The Tao Te Ching. The Tao teaches us that at one point in humankind’s history Yin, the female principle, the mother earth principle, was honored by all societies. It was a time before today's dominant principle became Yang …or what we call masculine. It teaches that feminine gives us birth. We all come from the feminine womb. It teaches that feminine and masculine together are equal in importance in sustaining, and creating life.

It teaches that physically we came from the earth and that we return to earth, and then like plants of the earth come back again. It teaches that earth sustains us, and that we must respect that from which we came, and where we will return. Along the way it seems we have lost those principles. and we are now paying the price. The feminine must again be understood as equal with masculine. And we must awaken and see we cannot destroy the place that brings us to life. Where will our children come from?

As I have noted, we are at the crossroads of our evolution.

Will we hold tight to the present masculine only, controller model of life, where force is the answer to all issues? Or will we awaken back to the ancient civilizations and times when male and female partnered equally with one another in society?

As both Eckhart Tolle of spirituality, and Albert Einstein of science have both told us…warned us. We are at the crossroads of eternity and we must evolve, or if not we will perish. I believe we will evolve. What do you believe?

People say the ancient civilizations’ are myth. Atlantis, Troy, the Garden of Eden, and others are no more than mere fairy tales. They believe a world where humans live together in peace is impossible. They believe only death brings us to heaven and peace. Others such as myself, know that humanity did live in harmony at one time. That heaven on earth is not a fairy tale.

Ask yourself a question…Do you believe we were created by a God? If so, do you believe that God to be a loving God? or a punishing God?. Perhaps your answer will tell you which branch in the road to evolution you take.

Author's Bio: 

Stephen C Monahan is author of Awakening the Mysterious feminine. His topic is women's self empowerment. His book is available on Amazon books. It is a must read for women of all ages