It's one of the universal questions no matter where in the world you live, whether you're a teen or a senior, male or female. "Is this love?"- a futile question except for the one asking. Only he or she can provide the answer. And when emotions are involved, answers are never simple. Subtle signals and confusing emotions make the question even harder to answer, but there are signs.

Head in the Clouds
The term 'love-struck' is the perfect expression for how it feels to be in love. You think of him or her every waking moment. Every conversation and moment spent together is replayed over and over again. Everyday tasks are performed almost thoughtlessly because your focus is on when you will be together again.

The object of your affections is constantly on your mind. A general feeling of delight and unexplained energy makes you feel invincible against the cares of this world. On the other hand, you may feel a bit melancholy or quiet as you contemplate just what you're feeling. People may comment that you seem distracted as you day-dream. Love fills your senses with wonder and a wide range of emotions.

Physical Signs
There are subtle signals that may point to your true feelings. Your heart beats faster, your palms become damp and you feel short of breath when they're around. A smile will light up your face, whenever your love interest comes to mind. You put extra effort into your appearance.

You may find yourself making eye contact when you talk and leaning into them when they're near - making more effort to connect. Talking for hours, easily moving from one topic to another, no matter the subject, is a sign that two people have a more than casual connection. Trusting another with personal details and thoughts is going beyond simple friendship and could be defined as love, if other key factors, as described above, are present, as well.

Love is a personal concept, not an idea that can be pinned down. It's defined by our own personal expectations, hopes and dreams. It's a powerful energy that impacts each life differently.

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