Yes, truth indeed is an expression of divinity and spirituality!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, states that:
“Divinity comes to those who are honest. As loyalty towards the truth and other qualities develop, divinity arises. Divinity means one acquires everything effortlessly.”

What kind of damage do we incur by not speaking the truth?
“People lose trust in you. People will never place trust in you!”, cautions Param Pujya Dadashri.

What do we do to get onto the path of truth so that divinity arises?
Let’s understand, in the words of the Enlightened One, whose every spoken word is a divine liberating truth, about how this trust is lost and what we ought to do now so that divinity arises, through a very basic example that we all may be able to relate with, when a child. For instance, I haven’t finished my homework, but I want to see the movie. So I lie to my Mom, ‘I have already finished my homework’, and then conveniently see the movie.

The Enlightened One explains:
Do you know the story we used to hear while in school? Once a small boy lied, “Help, help! Tiger has come, Tiger has come.” People came running with the tools and weapons to combat the tiger and save the child. But they realized that the child had lied. After some time, the young lad played the same prank again, “Help, please help! Tiger has come, Tiger has come.” And the same thing repeated. Then one day, the tiger came for real. The small kid yelled away in fright, “Help, Help! Tiger has come, Tiger has come.” But no one turned up to save the child.

So when we do not speak the truth, people’s trust in us breaks. Thereafter, even when we are really saying the truth, ‘Mummy, this is the truth. That’s how it happened”, Mom will say, “You are a liar. Every-time you lie.” So although we are not lying, people will not believe in us.

Therefore, decide, ‘I do not want to lie.’ And yet, if you end up lying, then in a couple of minutes, say to Mama, “Mummy, Should I tell you the truth, I wanted to see the movie, so I lied. It is indeed my mistake.” That’s how we refrain from doing wrong acts.

When we are clean in our conduct, people will say, “This person has said. I have full trust in him. He never lies.” Trust is generated. When someone trusts in us, is that good or when one doesn’t? (It is good, it is very good because that’s when divinity begins to arise.) If one doesn’t have trust in us, our value as a human becomes nil. Therefore, one should always speak the truth. And what big pleasures do we derive by lying? Such a big crime we commit! It is like stealing ice! The ice melts away and we are convicted for the crime of stealing. Similarly, when we lie to get our work done, the work becomes a history and the fault of lying comes on our head.

Hence, let’s decide now not to lie, we will always tell the truth. Mistakes may happen (we may lie), but we will confess. As we begin to confess, the mistake (of lying) will slowly break (and to that extent, divinity will arise).”

So every-time we lie, we will pray to God, ‘Dear God, I made this mistake (of telling a lie). Please forgive me. Also, grant me strength to not do this mistake ever again. I now decide that I never want to lie.’ This prayer is called pratikraman, which is best done with hearty repentance in our heart.

Now, let’s understand truth in the light of spirituality
Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “This truth and lie is not something that applies to liberation (the end goal of spirituality) at all. On the path of worldly life, it has been shown that this is merit (punya) Is-it-true-that-truth-is-an-expression-of-divinity-and-spirituality?
karma and this is demerit (paap) karma; these are the means. If you create merit karma (by speaking truth), then one day you will be able to progress towards the path of liberation (spirituality)... That is why people have praised merit karma. Otherwise, the path to liberation is natural, straightforward and easy.

So, all these truths are a truth only for the sake of worldly interaction. If you want to attain liberation, then they are all false. Pratikraman must be done for everything. Pratikraman will even need to be done for the belief, ‘I am a spiritual seeker.’ Yes, because we are actually a pure Soul.

Everything that you have known until now has all been worldly. That which people believe in is called worldly. And that which is ‘real’ is called divine (in its true meaning).”

The world is a temporary truth and God is the permanent truth
“Everything is indeed the truth. Nothing works outside the realm of the truth! As long as you enjoy that which is temporary, as long as you can stand it, until then that is also the truth. When you delve into it and find that you do not like it and you want that which is eternal, then come to the permanent”, says Param Pujya Dadashri.

We come to the permanent truth when we realize that really ‘who am I’. This is called Self-Realization. In Akram Vignan, Gnani, with his divine spiritual powers, burns off all the deluding demerit karma lying within us, and then graces us with the experiential knowledge of, ‘I am a pure Soul.’ This happens in just two hours time, for no cost whatsoever. And when this happens, we have realized the Soul, which is the ultimate and permanent truth.

Thus, ‘I am a pure Soul’ - this truth is an expression of the ultimate divinity and spirituality, and we are fortunate enough to realize this truth very easily and effortlessly from the Living Akram Gnani. So come, without wasting any more time, let’s go to the Akram Gnani asap!!!

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Ambalal M. Patel was a civil contractor by profession. In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and the Lord that manifest within him became known as Dada Bhagwan. A Gnani Purush is One who has realized the Self and is able help others do the same. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang (spiritual discourse) and impart the knowledge of the Self, as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interactions to everyone who came to meet him. This spiritual science, known as Akram Vignan, is the step-less path to Self-realization.