If you want to learn about sunless tanning then you'll want to read this article. specifically we'll talk about why you should use sunless tanning methods instead of traditional ones, how easy sunless tanning is and how sunless tanning lotions are becoming ever popular these days.

After reading this article you will have the facts you need to get that sunkist tan you've been looking for without all of the safety concerns.

So, when should you use a sunless tanning method instead of going out in the sun for your tan? Well, one great way to save some money this summer or winter is to try some at home self-tanning products that you can buy in your local store.

Another good idea is if you are concerned about your health to try some alternatives to traditional tanning. There are a variety of ways to safely get some color on your skin without having to get in the sun or use a tanning bed.

For instance, there are self-tanners that you can apply right in your home that can give you the look you are going for, and with this kind of tan you won't have to worry one bit about your safety because you won't be exposed to any UVB rays at all.

Not to mention that sunless tanning is really easy for you to do. If you like the salon atmosphere you can get into your local tanning salon and try one of the long-lasting spray tans to suit your needs.

Spray tanning can last up to 2 weeks so you don't have to constantly reapply a lotion or go to the tanning bed to maintain your healthy glow. In addition, since you will not be enduring any of the sun's harmful rays you can get the tanning solution sprayed on you as often as you would like.

But if you prefer the do it yourself route you are in luck. Tanning lotions these days aren't like they were even 10 years ago. There is no need for you to worry about streaking or turning orange with today's tanning lotions that you can apply at home.

And if you choose to self-tan in this manner you won't have to drive to your local tanning salon every-time you want a refill on your sunkist looking tan.

So whether you are looking to do some tanning this summer at home or whether you want to go into your local tanning salon you are in luck.

There are alternatives to getting your tan in the dangerous rays of the sun that are much safer and can even be much less expensive than the traditional tanning bed.

Not to mention that sunless tanning is super simple to do, and you can even get a professional look without having to worry about ugly streaking or turning orange with your tanning lotion.

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