Is it wise to accept free psychic readings? by Rosemary Price

You may think it is wise to accept anything which does not come with a price tag, but how wrong that would be. Many look for no charge sittings but few find them and usually they regret it later if they do.

Having worked in this field full time for more than forty years I can say that people should not expect any numerology, astrology, palm, tarot or clairvoyant readings to be free. Not because it is unfair on the clairvoyant but because it backfires on them.

Imagine you go to a hairdresser who falls over themself to give you a free hairdo. You are eager because you think it will be saving you money. But she gives you a terrible haircut where you want to hide away at home too embarrassed to be seen and in a few days time it is your special wedding or anniversary?

Imagine that you need a clairvoyant and psychic reading because you are worried about your marriage. You need to know if your partner really cares and really wants it to work. You need the truth. You go to someone who is not very busy or popular because it is free. Do you really think you will hear the truth there? Do you really think the information will be accurate and beneficial? Surely in a situation like that you need to be certain that what they tell you is the truth. Not having to go to half a dozen different psychics and try to work out who is right and who is wrong. Which ultimately costs a lot more time and money than going to one reputable, proven reader to start with.

Why do some offer freebies anyway? Some are obsessed with the idea of being listened to and feeling important. They try to charge and nobody wants to pay them so they settle for doing it free. The fact that nobody would pay them tells you to avoid them. Others are mentally ill and hear voices or have delusions. Others are lonely or bored. All have their own reasons which are nothing to do with you. They are hardly going to share this with you and some may not be self aware enough to realise it anyway. Then you have the scammers who offer it free so that they can get you to trust then and them ask you for loads of money to remove a non existent curse or whatever.

Yet if you go to a reputable, proven, real professional who is too busy helping clients who choose to go to them to wander around streets and shops trying it on with strangers you pay, and they could have been doing another job that pays instead, you get a far more reliable and honest service which does not lead to wasting a lot more money later or disappointments later if you go to a busy proven professional. Why would anyone go around working for free when they can get a paid job? Do they live on fresh air? Did they win the lottery so they can afford to be that extravagant? Surely if they had come into a lot of money and did not need to work they would stop work, not start to work for free?

Free sessions are usually a false economy. Remember that if anyone who claims to be good and offers it at no charge is really any good they would already be very busy with bargain hunters, opportunists and short sighted.Because they are not looking at it from the point of view of the so called clairvoyant. Can you imagine if a hairdresser offered everyone free hairdos. Would it make sense then that if you turned up for one you were the only person there and there was no waiting list? When I started out doing readings I did them all free. Word got around and was soon flooded with so many people wanting to to speak to me I never had a second to myself. It is impossible to keep up with the huge demand. And many of them would be around over every little thing, tiny details which they wanted to go over and over which did not really matter. i.e. Why did he not phone me today will he phone me tomorrow? As if it really matters much whether she has to wait another day to speak to him. But then the day after they would ask the same question again, because they expected me to go through every tiny detail of their relationship with them step by step. Why was he five minutes late today? You could have sat there talking to them all day and they would still have more questions. Until I charged they would expect to speak to me daily, taking over my life as if they owned me. And some got very snappy and grumpy if they could not ring me at 3 am for a long chat about it yet again. Sometimes they would not listen properly or take note and then expect to hear the whole thing again the next day. Nice for them but no good to a busy person like me who needs to earn a living and have a life and has other people to help too. I did not charge because I was mean or nasty but because it was the only way I could make sure that people did not want to help themselves to all of my time. The truth is that people take you for granted if you give freely where there is no exchange and one gives and one takes all of the time.

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Rosemary Price helping people with accurate psychic readings for more than 40 years.