Whether you are willing to repaint the exterior or interior walls of your home, a question may strike your mind whether you should use brush or spray paint your home? Well, if you are planning to take the plunge of house painting on your own, you may lack the knowledge, skills and expertise required to execute the job with perfection whereas, if you place trust on professional residential painters, you may easily get a fair idea on the best suitable option for your property. While some prefer to get their house painted with brushes, others consider spray painting to be the feasible option. 

Let’s uncover some practical facts related to both the techniques which can help you make a correct decision the next time you wish to repaint your walls.

Areas Suitable to Spray or Brush

There are two major areas in a home which can be either sprayed or brush painted and these are the sidings. Gutters, porch ceilings and shutters are the areas which can be easily revamped using spray painting; however, the most debated surface is brick. Exterior brick walls are always spray-painted whereas the trims and doors are mostly hand-brushed by professional residential painters in Rockingham. However, if you are running short of budget, it’s better to avoid hand brush painting to save a couple of bucks. Moreover, hand brush paint typically requires double layers of paint coats for complete coverage and so you can expect a long-time project completion.

Spraying is Best for Exterior House Painting

When it comes to revamping exterior walls, spray painting is extremely effective. Spraying offers better coverage and the application is even more uniform. Moreover, spraying includes zero brush strokes and offers a durable finish that looks professional and makes your exterior walls look vibrant and appealing.

Consider Your Project Type

While deciding between spray painting and brush painting, you need to consider a few factors to get flawless and effective results. If your painting is limited to a room only, you can easily go for hand-brush painting by local painters in Rockingham, but if you have undertaken a whole house painting job within a tight deadline, spraying can be way effective as it’s faster than traditional brush paints and requires less effort.

Decide Your Budget First

The first and foremost thing you should do before undertaking domestic painting is to decide your overall budget. Although spraying is effortless and affordable unlike hand brush painting, it includes a whole lot of prepping. On the other hand, hand brush painting is laborious and expensive. Make sure you draw an estimate beforehand to choose the best option suitable according to your tailored needs and budget. 

What’s Your Take?

Whether you will go for spray painting or hand brush painting, it solely depends upon the factors mentioned in this post. Analyse your requirements and take proper measures to get the best paint outcome you have desired for.

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