If your heritage home features trims that are slightly infested by mould, you might consider re-painting to be a quick and easy solution. However, this temporary solution cannot resolve permanent problems. New coats cannot address the underlying substrate issues; instead, make the problem even worse. Structural damages need to be addressed before applying new paint coats by house painters in Perth. It isn't feasible to paint over rotten wood as it can aggravate the problem and make you repent later.

In this article, we have come up with compelling reasons for damaged wood that repainting can't fix. By identifying these issues and understanding how they should be addressed, you can eliminate the problem from the root instead of simply covering it up.

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If you come across cracks or damages around your home fences, this can be a telltale indication of termite infestation. Termites eat and degrade wood which affects the structural integrity of your home if left untreated for months. An ideal way to deal with termite infestation is to detect their source and remove them to ensure they don't proliferate and weaken your home's foundation. Painting over termites by professional painters in Perth is not just ineffective but can trigger severe health problems. When putting your property on sale, property inspectors can easily identify the flaws and cover up the damages with paint.


Moisture infestation leads to rotting and splitting of wood. A new coat can't do anything to fix the problem. When water penetrates wooden surfaces, it causes wood to expand and swell, thereby causing paint to peel off early. Repainting can't resolve the problem, instead aggravate it. New coats won't be able to adhere to damaged wood surfaces and if you still try to coat, it can weaken the structural foundation and prevent you from getting the desired outcome.

Whereas new coats can protect your home from wet weather, it won't fix underlying substrate issues if moisture has already penetrated the walls. If the wooden surfaces have rotten due to moisture, it indicates that you might have leakage in your house. Before painting the damaged areas by interior painters in Perth, make sure the leakages are fixed so that it won't contribute to additional damages later.

Mould & Mildews

If moisture settles at a particular place for long, it may start developing mould and mildews. Mould can have severe health consequences if it's not addressed and treated on time. Homes with mould infestation can trigger lung irritation, allergies, respiratory troubles and many other health concerns, which is why painting over mould isn't a wise idea. Painting over mildews by painters in Perth can only agitate the spores, which may spread further and weaken the structural integrity of your property.

Final Words

Hope you got a fair idea why painting over damaged wood isn't a fair idea. Professional painting experts always recommend meticulous surface prepping to make paints long-lasting. Pressure cleaning, sanding, sealing and priming should be done impeccably to make paint adhere to the surface. If it's high time to give your walls a fresh makeover, get in touch with accredited professionals and keep your house looking great for years.

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