The short answer is yes, itis, if you do not mind doing some baking. There is a big difference between homemade CBD dog crackers and those that were industrially manufactured. Below we are going to cover some reasons for why you might reconsider buying off the rack and make your own medicine instead.

Is there anything you should worry about with these treats?

No.They are just another form of CBD oil treatment, basically. The CBD dog treats are a pet-oriented version of the products that we use for our own wellbeing.

That said, there are some questions worth talking about, in terms of the medium via which the cannabinoid is delivered tothe animal’s system. You have to know what exactly you are feeding your furry friend.
The most pressing questions are: whether the CBD component is in any way altered by the cooking process, and how do we figure out the potency of the product – where can we find that info, and how to dose it.

Does the CBD suffer alterations when baking dog treats?
Yes, the CBD molecule in treats is somewhat affected by the heat of the cooking process. Itbegins to break down at 200 degrees and is nearly entirely destroyedby the time the temperature reaches 350 degrees. You can learn more about how both CBD and its cousin, THC, behave at high temperatures if you read this insightful article:
More importantly, the bioavailability of the oil might be reduced while it cooks. What this means is that your pooch will not absorb it as well as it could or should.
Soif you want to mitigate the risk of significantly reduced cannabinoid content, make extra sure that the biscuits or cookies have been baked slowly and at low temperatures.There is really no way to know just how much the content has changed, unless the manufacturer does tests following the baking process and publishes the results transparently.

In practice, this translates into inaccurate dosing, despite your best efforts. If the hemp biscuits are just an occasional special treat for your dog, then that should be perfectly fine. But if you are using them as an active, or even primary, form of treatment (e.g. for arthritic pain or anxiety issues), then it becomes quite a problem. If that is the purpose you are going for, it would be more beneficial to your pet if you chose a different delivery method, such as ingestible oil mixed in their food.

How do you determine potency and dosing?
If using hemp derivatives in a medicinal, therapeutic context, then you need to treat them as any other medicine. In other words, know your dosage, do not go over it, and if you are unsure, rather use less than more.

Depending on the dog breed and the potency of the snacks, the general guideline is to administer 1-6 mg of CBD for each 10 pounds of your dog’s body mass. Lower doses are sufficient for handling anxiety and mild health issues. Higher ones would be needed to ease muscle pain, seizures, immune deficiency, and other more serious health concerns. Know more here.

Start with the minimal possible amount and gradually move it up. If you think that you need to increase it, okay, but before you do consult your veterinarian, as well as your holistic health advisor or alternative health care provider, whoever is your go-to authority on hemp-based medicine in this context. It might be a simple matter of adjusting the dosing, or it might be that treats were an inadequate form of treatment, to begin with. do not jump to hasty decisions on your own.

Many hemp dogstreats on the shelves contain a minuscule amount of CBD, lower than 5%. some of them even do not bother with extracting and using the actual cannabidiol, instead they just use a hemp powder, like they would a regular flavoring. Be careful of those. If there is not that much of the god stuff in there, what do they contain then? Artificial aromas, various preservatives, other additives might make your dog unwell and mitigate any hemp benefit you were hoping for.

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