Phuket has fast become the tropical paradise that people want to visit again and again. Their unforgettable memories of this island are what urges them to come back for more. If you too want to make Phuket your second home, you may as well invest in a property where you can crash in any time of the year. The real estate market in Phuket has witnessed a consistent growth of 10% every year, and if you invest in an apartment or even a villa with a pool, you will reap the rewards sooner than expected.

Advantages of a pool villa

If you are a non-resident but want to buy a Phuket property, it will be wise to invest in a pool villa. Most foreigners rent these properties out because the returns are very high. But if you are not ready to take the risk in your first attempt, do what other investors do: rent an apartment close to the pool villa you want to buy and observe the demand of the area. Place value plays a crucial role in the real estate market. Owning a property is useless unless you have a higher resale value.

Ideal place to own a pool villa

According to experts, the south coast of Phuket is the best place to own a pool villa. It is one of the most highly developed areas on the island. Most of the condos and apartments you will see here are designed to offer a comfortable lifestyle. Pool villas will be in demand because the ones that are already present are mostly booked throughout the year. Moreover, the construction of the villas has changed over the years. Modern real estate companies offer some of the most lavish and well-decorated villas at budget-friendly prices to customers.

Even if you don’t have plans to resell or rent the pool villa, it will be a luxurious property to stay in. Phuket is one destination where you can enjoy to the fullest, and there's nothing quite like owning a pool villa in this beautiful place.

Types of pool villas in Phuket

As already mentioned, your primary target should be the south coast of Phuket. But if you can’t afford one there, you may search for other popular locations from the website of the real estate company. But before you select a particular pool villa, here are a few types of villas that you should check out:

1.Traditional villas – these are located in central Phuket. The villas are old, but the builders renovate these properties to look like new. Some of them may not have private pools, but you can build one by speaking to the construction company.

2.Semi-detached villas – often known as townhouses, these properties will have mutual walls with your neighbors. They have a relatively low price because you may have to share the pool with your neighbor.

3.Independent pool villas – these are the elite and luxury ones that come with various additional amenities such as a patio, barbecue, garage, luxurious bedrooms, and a huge pool.

Owning a pool villa in Phuket proves to be worth the money if you do your research and pick a property that satisfies both your needs and budget. It is one of the most popular islands in Thailand and will make your investment grow quadruple times in a few years.

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