Zulu Trade provides no cost auto-trading with large variety of signal providers. Should you get their offer? Learn these merits and demerits first before making your choice!

ZuluTrade is an innovative Forex broker that offers auto-trading platform for their registered traders. They provide free auto-trade platform which you can enjoy for your life while they take care of your transactions even without your presence.

The design of ZuluTrade allows Forex trades signals to be executed automatically. Its trade robot handles the execution of various trade signals that are offered by different Forex signal providers in the market. ZuluTrade was founded in 2007 and has significantly grown with operations in different parts of the world. It is headquartered in Athens, Greece and operates other branch offices in major cities like Shanghai, New York, and Hong Kong. ZuluTrade has registered more than 15,000 active trading clients using their network and currently operating in more than 183 countries. The use of ZuluTrade is free and very simple.

Merits Of Using ZuluTrade Auto-Trade

1.Automated Forex Trading

ZuluTrade is developed to effectively combine online Forex trading with other social aspects that allows the trader to easily trade trades and success rates. The auto-trade also allows the online currency trader to automatically mimic preferred trades so that they easily take advantage of other experts' strategies from 60 Forex brokers worldwide. ZuluTrade allows the auto-trader to choose the desire signal providers and experts to follow. ZuluTrade auto-executes transactions for free ones the auto-trader has selected the provider signal.

2.User Interface

ZuluTrade provide the best trading interface. There is a page for auto-traders to formulate and compile their desired portfolio. The auto-trader can add multiple signal providers to auto-trade their Forex account. Many aspects of the user interface such as portfolio and parameters which are provided by the signal providers can also be configured appropriately. These including setting risk limits, different multipliers, stop loss targets etc.

3.Risk Management

Another great advantage of using ZuluTrade free auto-trade is the free risk control and money management functions that they offer. ZuluTrade has developed a tool known as "Margin-Call-o-Meter" to protect their registered clients from margin call effects. This is a very important tool that you should not neglect. Clients who avoid this tool taking up much leverage ends up making losses. Such auto-traders end up making huge sums of money.

4.AAAFX - ZuluTrade Integrated Broker

The integration between ZuluTrade and AAAFX broker offers several advantages to auto-traders. First, auto-traders enjoy lowest slippage offered by AAAFX unlike other signal providers. Considerably, AAAFX are always amongst the top 3 Forex brokers that provides the lowest possible slippage. This allows you to closely mirror the performance of your trades. In addition, the trader can potentially pocket more pips due to low slippage and take advantage at any time.

5. They Manage Auto-Traders' Accounts For Free

ZuluTrade offers free account management. The auto-trader only does the task of selecting signal providers. The ZuluTrade will actually execute all the transactions on behalf of the trader free of charge. They offer this service to trader who matches the signal provider's activity irrespective of the brokerage which holds the trader's account. In addition, ZuluTrade require no third-party wire transfers and no minimum capital investments. All funds are held by the trader's brokerage account.

Disadvantages Of Using ZuluTrade Auto-Trade

1.Riding On Someone Else's Trading Skills

Of course this is the greatest ZuluTrade strength which also turns out to be its greatest weakness. With ZuluTrade, the auto-traders are simply riding on the expertise and skills of other people. It is truly a serious weakness simply because anyone can claim to offer the best signal which may not be true. This can lead to poor quality trading system on the website making traders abandon many trading systems.

2. Signal Providers Are Not Being Filtered

ZuluTrade relies on several signal providers some of which are inactive. Unfortunately, there is no method in place to filter out inactive and abandoned signal providers. They remain littering the site for nothing. Even some profitable signal providers do crash and burn due to high-risk strategy thus need to be removed from the website.

3. Inconsistencies In Opening And Closing Operations

Many ZuluTrade auto-trade clients complain of inconstant operations in opening and closing orders especially in America. This is attributed to the NFA FIFO regulation currently being enforced. This regulation often prevents traders from closing a second operation before closing the first operation.


Although there are a few significant demerits, ZuluTrade is still the best for Forex auto-trading. In my opinion, no broker is perfect and you will find different weakness with every Forex broker. ZuluTrade is best for providing several different outstanding trading opportunities. By being careful with signal provider selection and practicing due diligence, you can make loads of cash while asleep using ZuluTrade free auto-trade account.

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