The subject is full of contradictions. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how we are the creators of our lives and that within us we have all the power to achieve whatever we wish. Such ideas may turn out to be confusing for the person who wants a manual of instructions which shows, in three or less simple steps, how to use the Aladdin’s lamp that enables its owner to control everything according to his or her liking.

I don’t believe that we control our lives. Our ego loves to think it’s so and deceives us into believing that. But the ego is such a small part of ourselves… it helps us to survive while we are humans and play at being made of flesh and blood but nothing more. It is a wonderful tool of protection, but we wrongly allow it to completely control us most of the time. Many spend their whole lives believing in the script their ego has written for them, without realizing that within themselves lives such grandiose and omnipotent Self that is even impossible to measure with the human brain.

Many names have been given to this grand internal Self: Source, Spirit, Higher Self, Essence, Theos, Father, I AM, and many others. In my case, I usually call it God. It is this inner God who really controls us, in accordance with the lessons we have come to learn and which are not always aligned with the wishes of an ego full of untrustworthy subterfuges.

When we accept the existence of this God within us, everything becomes easier. For many years I thought I was in control of my life, at a time when I lacked the awareness that God existed IN me. It was frustrating to witness how I never managed to make the circumstances of my life come out as I’d planned. I’d achieved “pieces of it”, but not “the whole package.” What turned out to be even more ironic in this period of my life was that the one most affected by that situation was my ego… in a negative way! I lived on a roller-coaster, convinced that I controlled my life when my emotional “ups and downs” were, precisely, the result of failing to see that the one at the controls was NOT me.

I was stubborn. I don’t know where I found the strength to keep thinking I would gain full control one day. I never achieved it! I had to yield, I had to stop resisting that God who lived within me, so that he/she could take the reins. But it wasn’t something that happened overnight. What an arrogance we tiny human beings with gigantic egos are indeed able to create while our inner God observes all of it and calmly waits as our struggle to win the battle takes place.

Once we are willing to accept that inner Self, once we ally and fuse ourselves with this Self, we turn into one being without the need of ego. Heaven returns to earth and our “concession” becomes the most powerful weapon we can imagine for recovering our true selves.

When we surrender the control of our lives to this source that is all there is, we turn into a kind of transmitter emitting the essence of what we are…it is the most perfect dance between father and child. In order for this to occur, it is crucial to forget what we have been taught. That’s right, we cannot continue to believe that the father is without and the child is within. In order for our lives to flow in harmony with our aims, the father and child must join themselves in our interior, because nothing happens in the exterior that it is not created inside. Since ancient times, the hermetic teachings of Egypt have stressed one of the most important laws of life: “As Within so Without.” What does that mean? It means that he who manages to become familiar with the inner “controller” will be able to control his exterior reality. But not from the ego, of course. One has to subjugate that ego which has led us to believe in a God that has nothing to do with the one dwelling within us.

The time has come to change the members of our personal board of directors. Let us put Self in the seat of the chief executive and make the ego his assistant while we continue to learn the lessons of life we must experience. What is the most urgent one? To learn to surrender ourselves and yield the control which in reality we have never exercised. Let us integrate ourselves and align our minds with that new director who lives in our heart.

Until next time and don’t forget to be love,

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