Not too long ago, it would’ve been hard to find anyone being truly objective about the city of Kolkata, at least if they live in this region of the world. It had quickly achieved the title of the most iportant city in the country, as well as the most rapidly-growing city in infrastructure, industry and population. Mass migration from near and far within the region was increasing this population as well as bringing in a lot of diversity and skill sets, and all of this achieved a critical ecological mass to result in a true modern boomtown, one of many stories seen in the late 20th and early 21st century in spite of all the constant disasters hitting this world.


However, during this boom, a 3 bhk bungalow in Kolkata or 4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata would have been prohibitively expensive, and a bungalow is usually not considered an expensive type of house, while also not considered one of poor quality either. In many parts of the world, a typical bungalow built by modern standards is considered a middleground home both in price and quality, but one that many people find quite desirable unless they plan on having a large family.


The fact that such a place was so expensive in Kolkata was a sign of the demand, and demand in real estate can often result in higher prices rather than lower compared to other forms of supply and demand. Real estate is fickle, and too low of a demand can spike prices as well as a high demand, and there is often the sweet spot both economically and environmentally that results in very reasonable and affordable prices without too much pressure in either way to raise the price. That is what we actually have now, with the boom of Kolkata having leveled off.


The thing is, that leveling off is not a sign of problem. Any rapidly growing location will eventually see this rate of growth slowdown, Kolkata is no exception. The existing growth and many merits of the city have not vanished in the wake of this, and a lot of this leveling off being so perceptible right now is due to the pandemic, something that just had to throw a wrench in the works of everything good in this world.


Kolkata is an excellent place to run a business, and has plenty of employment opportunity, and by that I mean good, solid employment with room to grow. It is also one of the safest cities in the country, and while no city is a utopia with no crime, the crime rates are lower than many other places. This makes it a cleaner, less stressful place to live as well as a safe place to raise a family.


With prices hitting that sweet spot, a 4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata or 3 bhk bungalow in Kolkata, and a nice one at that, will never be a better price than it is right now barring some sort of economic disaster racking the entire country. If you are looking to move to a safer, more stable city with room to grow and raise a family, now is the proverbial window of golden opportunity!

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.