She's outlandish, provocative, intriguingly creative. She's not just a singer – but a personal growth leader. Lady Gaga has a message that ignites millions. But why? What is it that resonates on such a deep level with so many people? Do they just like her music – or is it something more? And how is Lady Gaga like Oprah?

Lady Gaga Has a Message

Underneath her masks and outrageous costumes and headdresses, she's saying something that resonates with every renegade and seeker. That message is to feel your own power, know you are beautiful and great just as you are. Be free. You have the fire of love inside of you, and you have every right to express the truth as you know it from inside yourself. The downtrodden, bullied, outcast self-conscious people of the world are inspired to throw off their constraints and realize what's really inside of them.

What Her Mother Told Her

When she was young, her mother told her that "we're all born superstars" and that "There's noting wrong with loving who you are." Her song "Born This Way" is a testament to her strength and says to anyone and everyone that they can break free of all previous obstacles, love themselves and be free to express the perfection of who they are. Later on when she went to school and was bullied, she learned finally that she could break through it all.

How Do Her Costumes Carry the Message?

To her, life is theater. It's downright Shakespearean in which life is a stage upon which we all "strut and fret our hours" – so to her, you might as well make glorious creative statements in your all-too-brief 15 minutes of fame. It's a message of feeling free to express your truth and say to the world that you were born this way and that's that.

What Does This Have to Do with Oprah?

It's the same message – that you are perfect, beautiful, magnificent, and that your life makes a difference. You came here for a reason, and it's your time to live your truth right here and right now. Different ways of expressing this message, of course – but the same essential message at the very core.

What Does This Have to Do with Joel?

Ever watch the minister Joel Osteen smiling through the TV tubes and telling you that "It's Your Time?" He too says that you are beautiful, and if you keep your mind fixed on the reality of your existence, you will have your dreams come true. You will realize that you are a part of something great - bigger than you ever imagined. Every time he talks, Joel sends his love into your living room and your heart with the message that you can do anything. And that is something that millions love to hear.

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