Have you always believed that life is inherently unfair, regardless of how much you wish that circumstances were otherwise? So why is life so unfair? One way to address the question is to visualize everyone in the world as “naked.” That includes you – me, EVERYONE! Reactions to this revealing turn of events would range from passion to loathing and from hysteria to phobias.

The phrase “the crowded elevator has more than one person in it.” would take on an entirely new meaning!
Sooner rather than later, the novelty would wear off and nudity would become the norm. Perversion would yield to curiosity, and finally nudity would become dull, even boring. Nudity presents a picture of who we are as human beings, without the trappings of culture and status.

Standing Naked…
At this point, some readers may hesitate to continue reading, while others are eagerly anticipating what is next. No matter where you stand, envision yourself in the Naked World. How would you feel? How would you behave? And to whom would you display fairness?

What would you present to inspire others to be fair to you?

You have just experienced a mental photography exercise!

In this exercise, you envisioned yourself in a different reality using Mental Photography techniques. This sort of visioning provides great perspective to the paradigm you carry at present. To understand yourself fully, you must frequently move out of your comfort zone. Because of your inherent mind-body connection, you may explore your boundaries with how to use Mental Photography. If you embrace the experience of being naked within, you can move beyond your mental boundaries to enjoy all that life has to offer.

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