Summary: In a speech for the Bilderberg elite in Brussels, Obama gave their view well: “Ordinary [people] too small-minded to govern their affairs. Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign.” But that's treason to the Constitution that he swore to defend and blasphemy against God who alone is the all powerful sovereign. It's time to impeach Obama, Many are calling for it, but a plan is needed that can work.
#1. In any court, witnesses are necessary, so in the court of public opinion, let everyone hear Mr. Obama say it--20 seconds at
#2. Visit to select your state from the drop-down box for the phone numbers of your two senators. It will only take a couple minutes to have your voice heard (on a recording if you get through; I got busy signals clicked on the website and “Contact” to paste the following message into a form with his name... or read it if you get through.
Senator _____, you took an oath to defend the Constitution and it has come to my attention that we are in deep trouble with impeachable offenses by Mr. Obama. I'm holding you responsible to see that he gets impeached and if not, don't count on my vote next time. Perhaps you would like a list of 25 Violations of Law by President Obama and his administration. Here's the link Do this for both senators from your state.
#3. Forward this to everyone you know and ask them to do the same because it's the senate that needs to hear from us. This is doable if we will all take ten....
The Constitution gives every natural born person in the US, the rights to be a sovereign citizen. Some of those rights are then delegated to the state and fewer still are then delegated from the state to the DC gangsters who have turned it all upside down. For them to express the need for an all powerful sovereign is a blasphemous push for New World Order.
If we don't do what we can to rectify our naitons poor judgment in November 2008 and 2012 (after a fiasco in Benghazi that should have warned us, we may get what we so richly deserve.
Without acknowledging our wrongs then and doing our best now, it's doubtful that God can or will bless America.
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