How many times have you heard “Life is a game?”

Do YOU believe life is just a game?

I do.

Does my response surprise you? If so, keep the question hovering in your mind for a bit as I explain.

I believe life is a mind game. Winning the mind game of life is all about perspectives and choices. Every issue in life can be viewed from many different perspectives and each perspective presents different choices.

Most people don’t think they have choices and they mostly see their situations and circumstances from only one perspective. When people are in this mindset they don’t feel like there is any way out of what’s in front of them, so they stay stuck, frustrated and angry.

Do you feel that way?

If so, stop and realize that there are many ways to see the situation you’re facing right now. If you accept that there are many ways to view the situation, then you are open to realizing that you have many choices and options to get out of your situation. In fact, those who choose to see that they have choices see things as being small and doable. They do not see huge roadblocks; they see obstacles to go around.

So, what’s the answer to the question “Is Life a Game?” It can be whatever you choose. How freeing is that! You can stay in your current mindset and continue to think that life is not a game. Then you will feel life is hard, overwhelming and very stressful. Or, just by declaring it is a game and shifting your mindset, your whole life can change.

How you live the rest of your life is within your answer to that question. The good part is you can always change your answer whenever you want.

Here are some tips to help you see life as a game that you CAN win.

1. Check in with yourself and see what mindset you’re in around this topic. If it’s not serving you well, change it!
2. Write down on a piece of paper the one or two biggest challenges you’re facing right now. As you think of each of these challenges, notice what goes on in your mind with each one.
3. For each of the challenges in tip #2 notice what’s keeping you stuck and why.
4. Come up with and write down three or four ways for you to overcome those challenges.
5. Try on one or two of these new ways to see if you can overcome those challenges. After trying them on, stop and think about what you learned by taking these new actions.
6. If you’re struggling to come up with different perspectives and different ways to overcome your biggest challenges you might consider hiring a coach to guide you through the process.

Are you ready to give it a try? Good for you!

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Curt Gorlick, The Life Choice Strategist, an expert coach and public speaker on mindset and successful life skill strategies helps baby boomers navigate smoothly through their ordinary and extraordinary life struggles, guiding them into the life and relationships they want. Having experienced living life in anger, overwhelm, and frustration, Curt knows first-hand how to Break the Barriers to Happiness. Get your FREE report, “Tips From Break The Barriers To Happiness” at