Liposuction has been in the health headlines for a long time. When individuals first started to use it, it was thought to be a great way to drop the pounds. More and more individuals have sought out the solution for just that: weight loss.

But, liposuction is not necessarily a good way of losing weight, rather it can help you to contour the shape of your body instead. Liposuction typically does not help you to remove a lot of weight but it can give you the allusion of having lost quite a bit. To understand this, here are some things you need to know. What Is Liposuction? This medical procedure is a surgery and can have many of the same risks of any surgery that is out there. Commonly, it is known as plastic surgery, or a method of improving the way the body looks rather than improving the function of the body.

It is done with the help of a hollow needle. It is inserted into the area in which the fat is to be removed and the needle literally sucks it up. But, it is not necessarily that easy, nor is it something that can be done by anyone. The areas of treatment generally lie in the abdomen, the buttocks and the thighs, but some doctors are willing to use it on other areas where stored fat is deposited. It may also be necessary for doctors to use another procedure, called an abdominioplasty to help get rid of more difficult areas of fat. The goal of the procedure is to liquefy the fat inside the body. This is done by first working to make the fat more liquid than it is and then to suck it through a needle and then out of the body.

In many areas of the body, fat is solidified. It can be very difficult to get rid of through normal diet and exercise. By performing this procedure, the doctor can safely remove the fat from the areas where it is deposited. How Much Can Go? You may have heard claims of patients losing up to 50 pounds with liposuction. This is simply not true. There are many risks involved with fat removal. Because of the blood loss that also comes with the fat loss, it is only safe for doctors to remove about ten pounds of fat from the body during any time. This number is, though, just an estimate. What truly determines how much weight can be removed is the doctor and a specific indication of your body type and your body’s abilities. It can vary by the doctor that you choose, the method that will be used to remove the fat as well as the patients needs and health. But, you can easily look like you have lost more. Because the doctor will use a needle that he controls with his hand to remove fat, he can literally contour the fat to your needs.

So, if you were to only have ten pounds of fat removed, removing it in the right manner, and literally shaping the remaining fat and tissue can allow you to look like you have lost much, much more. What Liposuction Is Not While liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, it is a surgery nonetheless. There are risks involved such as infection, shock, blood loss and other very real conditions. It is also very important for individuals that are taking on this procedure to realize that liposuction is painful. The area that is treated usually will be in pain at least for several days. There may be bruising and soreness for a while after the procedure while the body heals. And, liposuction in mumbai is not expensive too.

You will pay for the experience that you get as well as the procedure that you get. The ultimate goal will be achieved after your body has healed and after you see the results in the way that you look. Finding The Right Doctor When you are looking into any cosmetic procedure, you’ll need to insure several things about the individual that you plan to visit. You’ll definitely need to consult them about their rates and their insurance programs, but you should also know what type of experience they have, what they can do for you and how up to date they are on their education. Make sure to talk to the physician in an interview process before making the decision to go with them to make sure they understand what you need, can deliver it and that you trust them. Liposuction can improve the way a pound looks and can help you to lose some weight. If you have trouble losing weight from certain areas of your body, this may be the perfect way to go about losing them.

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