What is Mahram?
Mahram word means Close friend (someone who is very close to you) In the Islam, the word Mahram is used in specific term for a person that can’t marry to the other person from which his/her relation of blood or breastfeeding. Two unknown persons are Mahram of each other if they marry therefore husband is Mahram of woman and wife is Mahram of man.

Umrah and Hajj are both spiritual Journeys to the site of Makkah. Umrah is not obligatory for any Muslim but Hajj is obligatory for all Muslims. Hajj is not prescribed for those persons who cannot afford it.

The word afford meaning is described here to be able by physically and financially. Umrah is not contained in the list of Islamic pillars whereas Hajj is contained in the list of Islamic pillars. Every Muslim man and woman wants to perform Hajj at least once in his/her lifetime.

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There is a slight difference between the rules of man and woman to perform Umrah and Hajj. It is Umrah and Hajj rule that woman does not perform Umrah and Hajj without the Mahram. While in the case of man, Mahram is not needed.

According to the Saudi Embassy, a woman can get the Umrah and Hajj visa if her age is under the 45 years and she can get a visa if she is traveling with a Mahram.
Or if a woman is the age of 45 year’s old or above then she can travel without the Mahram with an organized group. Here woman submits a no objection letter from her Mahram.

What did Islam say about the woman that she can travel alone without the Mahram?

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated:

“A woman can’t travel (a distance of) 3 days unless she has a mahram with her”
(Sahi Al-Muslim)
“It is prohibited for a woman who believes in God (Allah) and Last Day (Judgment Day) to travel a distance of 3 nights unless with a mahram”.

(Sahi Al-Muslim)
Mahram list for a woman:

1- Father
2- Grandfather
3- Great grandfather
4- Son
5- Daughters sons
6- Grandsons
7- Brother
8- Brother sons
9- Paternal uncles
10- Maternal uncles
11- Husband
12- Father in law
13- Son in law
14- Stepfather
15- Stepson

Those men and women are Mahram of each other if they drink the same woman's milk.
It is not allowed for a woman to leave Saudi Arabia without a Mahram. If the visa is issued with the name of Mahram on it, then she can’t leave Saudia without that Mahram. The minimum age of Mahram is 17 years.

If a woman has not a Mahram and she wants to perform Umrah or Hajj at any cost then some travel agencies arrange a Mahram which is not actual Mahram of her and in this way these agencies charge the extra money from her. This is not a good deed because Hajj and Umrah is not a simple journey whereas both are Holy and spiritual journey.

The best suggestion for a woman is, if a woman is financially stable then she must need to travel on this holy journey with an actual Mahram.

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You should perform Umrah and Hajj in the light of Sahi Hadiths as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed at that time.

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