If you could wave a magic wand and choose between only one of the following to have firmly in your grasp tomorrow, which would you choose:

* Flawless execution of all of the latest Internet marketing strategies and tactics?
* Complete personal clarity and confidence in who you are and what you do?

Which do you think is more important to your business success?

I recently spent three days at an event with hundreds of entrepreneurs. Before I share my interpretation, I must first say that I love and respect them all - walking this path is not necessarily easy. Yet here is what I noticed.

I met some people who were extremely clear and confident about what they do, and made me want to be a part of their world - and yet they still had "free" business cards with no "branding" or "call to action" - i.e. very few marketing tactics.

I then met people who had beautiful, sleek business cards, with "free reports" and fancy titles, yet to talk with them, it was nearly impossible to understand what they do or why they are doing it.

Again, I share this not with judgment, everyone is in their own right place with room for growth, myself included. But I tell you this. I'll pick personal clarity and confidence any day.

Truth be told, my business cards are a little out of date. I sometimes just say, "I'm a coach" rather than giving a perfected "elevator pitch." And I know with 100% certainty that my social media savvy is far from where it could be. But I have lots of wonderful clients. I know and love what I do. My business is solid and growing.

So, again, which of the above would you choose?

If someone is "struggling" they can learn the latest marketing tactics and move into "striving." They may sell some stuff online. People may enjoy reading their business card. But when it comes to closing the sale, and even working with clients, they will not feel fulfilled or secure. You see, no personal growth is required to implement marketing tactics. It is required to get to thriving.

The better bet? (In my opinion) Get clear, and solid, in what you do and why. This will come across in your conversations, every time. BUILD a solid client base. Learn from them directly about the real value in what you do. THEN, market the heck out of it! And THRIVE!

Author's Bio: 

Darla LeDoux is a Certified Professional Coach, "recovering engineer," owner at Doux Coaching, and creator of Destination: Sweet Spot. She is fueled by a passion for people being who they truly are, exactly as they are, in business and in life, living in their sweet spot. In the sweet spot one uses their unique combination of gifts, talents, and passions to have maximum impact in the world, and make money doing it!

After spending 15 years in "successful" careers working for others - product development engineering, marketing, and education - the things she thought she "should" do to be successful, Darla found the courage to step into her sweet spot and follow the desires of her heart, and guides others to do so, while bypassing the 10 years in the self-help aisle!

Darla works with entrepreneurs who have tried doing life and business the "right" way, and are now ready to listen to that deep inner knowing and discover what is Truth for them. She helps them to get clear about the business they are really in, and to create targeted packages, programs, and connection strategies to attract and convert ideal, high-paying, clients with ease.

Darla's free mini-course is available at her site: http://www.douxcoaching.com