How do you recover from a day that blows up in your face? There is even a question before that. How do you start your day? If you don’t start your day with some sort of connection with the self then you are in for a great treat. Meditation is the leading edge. All great people know the absolute necessity of taking quite time. Call it vision time, call it meditation, call is solace, call it what you want. We all need that time to connect in and revitalize the deepest part of us, our essential human essence. No, that is not a spelling mistake. We are all beings of light. How to bring that light to the surface and allow it to work for us that is the quandary.

Most people are frightened by the thought of sitting in silence with just themselves. What will happen? Will you find out things you don’t want to know? Will you be bored? Will it seem like forever? Will it do anything for you? And many more questions I know.

The question can and will keep you from the experience. The experience is what you want. Having the mind calm down so you can feel the knowingness that is you under the stress and strains of life’s challenges. How many of you love the chaos of your mind? The constant chatter that you feel you can’t turn off? Okay are you ready to reach for something other than your favorite way of numbing out? Good, love the courage it takes to say yes.

I want you to start simple. Make a commitment to 40 days of 11 minutes/day and pick a time. First thing in the morning, last thing before sleep, when you need a break at 2pm you chose and then write that commitment down.

Here is what you will start with it is very easy and not so easy, remember 11 consecutive minutes. Plant yourself in a secluded spot and set a timer you can go longer but not shorter. No cheating thinking that if you meditate longer one day then you can do shorter the next day this is not roll over minutes this is a daily commitment.

The how: Now sit down on the floor, on a cushion, on the couch just keep
your spine straight. Close your eyes focus between your two eyes at your third eye. Touch your thumb to your first finger. This is called Gyan Mudra the position of wisdom Roll your tongue like a cigarette and inhale through the rolled tongue if you can’t roll the tongue practice and for now make an “O” out of our mouth and stick your tongue past the lips and inhale. This calms and collects you. On the Exhale you will chant Wa Hey Guuu Roo (Wahe Guru) for as long as you exhale. This clears the stress and gives you back your ecstasy. Do this somewhere where you feel you won’t be interrupted. If others are around whisper the Wahe Guru otherwise do it out loud. Do the Mantra (sound) at a whisper in the evening to create calmness and do it out loud in the morning to create a bliss setting for your day. Just take three deep breaths in after you finish to complete it and feel yourself before jumping up. Do not believe me do it, and get the experience for yourself. It is priceless and it will make you priceless.


PS Share this great secret with others. Also get back to me on how this worked for you.

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