Many people believe that children are psychic from birth. Some believe that children are born with their psychic ability and this gradually fades over the years that they grow, as physical and mental distractions get in the way.

To be truly psychic, you need the power to clear your mind and to focus very specifically on the spirit realm. A child has a free mind or a blank slate as some people like to put it, which means that they are more easily able to become in tune with their psychic ability. As the child grows, the influence of television, media and everyday life can distract the child's brain so that they no longer can feel their sense of psychic ability.

You might believe your child is psychic for various reasons;

1. Your child may be able to guess things easily. If your child seems very in tune with the world, this may signal that they have psychic ability. For example, they might be able to tell who is on the phone before it rings. They might be able to tell who was at the door and so on.

2. Your child may be overly intelligent for their age If your child is very intelligent and in tune, then you might believe that this is a sign of their psychic ability. Being psychic does require a certain amount of focused brainpower and if your child is very focused and determined, this might mean that they could be in tune with their psychic ability.

3. They can see things that you can't. Generally in the middle of the night children will wake up and cry because they think there is a monster in their room. However, being psychic and seeing things will go far beyond this. A child may be able to see something in the middle of the room in the plain light of day that you cannot see. They may be pointing at it and determined that they can see it, but you just cannot understand what they are talking about. This might be a sign that they are psychic and could see spirits or hazy objects from the other world. This is nothing to be frightened about, and many children do not even get scared about this and will take it in their stride.

If you wish to nurture your child psychic ability, then try to make sure that they get plenty of rest, psychic stimulation and holidays away to calm and country like places could also help develop their psychic skills. Being in tune with nature is a good way of developing a psychic ability.

You should also let your child’s psychic abilities develop naturally; try not to allow them to become distracted with needless technologies and other mind over-stimulants which can be harmful to your child’s psychic development.

Speak to your child about their gift. If they tell you that they can see something that you cannot, don’t dismiss it as silly or tell your child there is nothing there. Encourage them to explain more about what they can see and how it makes them feel.

Finally, assure them that it is nothing to be afraid of and praise them when they ‘guess’ something correctly. Encouragement and positivity goes a long way in your child’s overall development – not just their psychic development.

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