Is My Ex Using Me: How To Know If Your Ex Is Stringing You Along

Unsure as to whether or not your ex still has feelings for you? Don't wonder anymore, because there are 10 definite actions that will ALWAYS mean one thing: your ex has feelings for you. All you have to do is match these actions up to your ex's, and voila, you will have your answer:

Trying To Make You Jealous - They tell you about their new date, or someone they met; and they wait for your reaction. If your ex had moved on, they wouldn't feel the need to fill you in on their new dating life.

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Asking To Meet You - Even if your ex just becomes touchy/feely when you meet, their request to meet in person comes from their emotional attachment that they still have with you.

Getting Upset When You Bring Up The Past - If your ex becomes upset, mad, angry etc... when you blame them for things in the past; it's because they still have feelings for you, and you clearly still get to them as much as you did before.

They Laugh With You Over The Past - A person who reminisces and laughs over the past they shared with you, is a person who clearly is not over you still.

They Are Unable To Tell You Why They Are Still Single - You ask your ex why he/she still has not moved on, and they can't give you a definite answer. It's because they don't want to, they aren't over you, that's why.

Your Ex Asks If You Are Still Single - An ex who is nosy about your dating life, is an ex who would like to be dating you. It's clear your ex is fearing you have moved on and feels jealous at the thought.

Your Ex Asks You To Events - They have a work party coming up, or saw an event happening in your city; and ask if you would like to go with them. They could ask anyone, but they are asking you because they still want you.

Calling You By Your Pet Name - Someone who had lost all emotional feeling toward someone would refer to them by their professional name. But, an ex who still has feelings for you will call you by your pet names still, out of admiration.

Hearing You Out On Your Life - You are feeling upset or may still not be over something painful they did to you in the past. You vent to your ex, and they listen to it all without arguing anymore; that's a sign that they are willing to accept you back again.

Suggesting That You Were The Best Person They Had - Perhaps your ex has dated people since you, BUT your ex suggests that even still, you were the best one they've been with and no one tops you. That's an obvious sign that your ex still has feelings for you.

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Does it seem like forever since you last held your ex in your arms? Are you dreaming of reconciling with your ex and have been waiting for some kind of sign that tells you that your dreams are going to come true? Well, you will have to more than just dream. In the first place it is important to come to terms as to whether you should wait for your ex to come back to you or move on. These points will let you know what to do and what you should consider.

How bereft do you feel without her
Take stock of your situation and more importantly - your feelings. DO you really care for her and feel that you need her in your life? How bereft do you feel without her in your life. It is extremely important to weigh all the pros and cons before you go all out to lure your ex back.

Is it just a matter of pride to get her back
Don't wait for her to come back to you if it is a matter of just saving face! It may be a fact that your pride has taken a fall and you feel let down and ashamed that your relationship did not work out, but that does not mean you get her back just to prove that you can look good and save face.

Does she enquire about you
Look at the facts before you. Have you come to know that your ex has been asking questions about you and your love life? Does she seem inquisitive and curious about you or does she ignore you completely and does not show the slightest interest in you. Accordingly you can have hopes.

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Look for signs that she has moved on
Be on the lookout for signs that show you that she has finally gotten over you and the past and has had the courage to move on with somebody else. Watch and see if she is dating someone in particular, which might mean that he has no intentions of getting back to you. In this case, don't wait for the impossible to happen.

Does she show the slightest bit of regret
There has to be the right attitudes and intentions when a couple is thinking of getting back together. If you notice that she regrets the breakup and is really sorry for the part she played in it, it will give you a hope that she is willing to change and make things work this time. You won't have to wait long!

Does she encourage your flirting
If she has second thoughts about you and wants to get back with you, she will welcome the advances and overtures you make. Flirt with her and watch her reaction. Does she respond coyly and does she seem happy that you are showing her attention? If so, you can start to encourage her to return to you.

Do you see a change in her
There is no use trying to get back with your ex if you don't know in your heart that it is going to work out this time round. Check and see if her attitudes have changed like yours have and that there is an honest willingness to make an effort this time. Only then you can raise your hopes and wait for her to get back to you.

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There are times when you can find yourself completely tongue tied and insecure when you come face to face with your ex. This is probably because you are not prepared for a confrontation of any kind and you still have intense feelings for her. The thing is that you needn't feel intimidated and afraid. Remember that you had a past together and there is a chance that she still likes you. These tips will help you talk your way back into her heart.

The good times
There is no need to look embarrassed and guilty. In spite of the breakup you still have feelings that have lasted and this could be the same where she is concerned too. The safest thing for you to do is steer the conversation towards the great times you had together and you might see her face break into that beautiful familiar smile.

The hopes and dreams you once shared
Once you have done with the niceties and asked her how she is etc you can always get her to remember how you both had set off to find a place in the sun! Talking about the wonderful dreams and hopes you both had might get her to long for them all over again.

How she is coping
It always helps to be kind, considerate and caring. The more you inquire about her health, what she is up to these days and trivial aspects of life you are on safe ground. But soon you have to show her that you are concerned about her and the state of her heart. Your tenderness and caring attitude will move her.

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Your life at present
It won't hurt to talk about your life since the break. While you can show her in a subtle manner that you miss her and would like a second chance, you can also try to impress her by letting her know the changes you have made, accomplishments achieved and what you have in store!

New visions and aspirations
It is a good idea to give her a gist of what you plan to do in future. Without being too obvious make her envious about all that's going on in your life. If she realizes that you are someone who is now free and could be snapped up by some female, she might want to do something to change that!

Your regrets about the role you played
One of the best things for you to do when you meet your ex is to apologize for the part you played in making the breakup possible. It will surely help to heal the pain and hurt. Bitterness will fade away and you will make it possible to build love and trust again if you say you are sorry and mean it.

Your feelings and emotions
Many guys are reluctant to share their feelings and emotions with the woman they have broken up with and it is understandable. However if you can let her know your side of the story and open up without being too pushy she might be pleasantly surprised to see a side of you she never saw before and will appreciate it.

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Although breakups are not easy to handle you still have to live with the fact that you are now alone. There are two ways that you can do this, one is by wallowing in self pity, and second is by tackling it in such a way that your ex does a rethink on it. If you choose the latter then here is how you can reverse the breakup.

Give your ex time to reflect on
A breakup should mean "Break Up" with a capital B. There are no two ways about it and you have to treat it as such. Just ignore the fact that your partner is no longer with you. The moment you do this the anger and pain begin to vanish and this gives both of you time to reflect on the past.

For a change don't contest
There is no point in telling your ex how wrong they are as it will not help you one bit. On the contrary it will firm their resolve to stay away from you. When you don't contest their decision they begin to doubt if it was the right decision.

Remain unaffected
Do not show any signs that will tell your ex that you have been affected. After all a breakup is not the worst thing that you have faced till now and it won't be the only disappointment in your life. You are going to face far more difficult challenges as you grow old and therefore treat the breakup as a minor irritant and let it not affect you physically and emotionally.

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Start meeting new people
Pick up the pieces and begin to lead as normal life as you can. If you begin meeting new people you will not think of your ex so often and this will certainly help.

Show maturity beyond your age
If you happen to meet your ex then deal with him/her in a mature and dignified manner without any hint of animosity. This mature way of dealing with the breakup will certainly make them regret the decision.

Begin dating
Since you have been meeting people it is quite likely that one of them will find you attractive and approach you for a date. Take your pick and make it known to the new person that you will not commit till you are sure of the relationship. This fact will make your ex nervous as he/she has seen you as a mature and confident person. They will hate the thought that one day you will be gone forever.

Show signs of moving on
If by now your ex does not make any attempts to reconcile the differences then send him/her an overt signal that if you don't get a positive response you will move on. If you have played all the above six steps right he/she will make dash and ask for a second chance.

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