Have you recently found yourself entertaining the gut feeling that your husband could possibly be cheating on you?

Did you know that 85% of the time when your gut feeling tells you that you're being cheated on, it's correct? This means that just by being here, reading this article, there is less a one in five chance that your husband is not cheating on you!

Pretty astonishing it, isn't it?

You may have been told that it is next to impossible to catch a cheater in the act unless they make a mistake, but I'm here to tell you that everyone makes mistakes. And I mean EVERYONE. If you're in an affair, there are signs of cheating there to be seen, you just have to look and find them.

So what does this mean for you, the suspicious wife?

It means that at this point there's only one thing left for you to do...To at least confirm your suspicions to the point that you can justify either hiring a private investigator, or employing underhanded tactics such as GPS tracking to get physical, court worthy proof of cheating.

Don't worry, it won't be nearly as difficult as you think. Remember, everyone makes mistakes. Even if your husband is a really clever guy, there's no way that he's hiding all of his tracks.

That's just the way things work.

So, that being said, here are 3 signs of a cheating husband that you can use to start your investigation:

Cheating Sign #1) Trust Your Gut Feeling

Okay okay, I know that I already sort of said this one, but it's really important and I wanted to make sure that you understand exactly what it means. I'm sure that you've heard the saying that "A woman's gut never lies", but even if you haven't I'm sure you understand the point.
Basically, you're feminine intuition is extremely attuned to your husband's normal behavior, so if your internal instincts are screaming that something's wrong, then guess what?

There's something wrong.

The fact that your wifey senses are tingling means that there are marital problems afoot, even if he's not cheating on you.

Cheating Sign #2) Your Man Gets Defensive...ALWAYS

This one depends on how much you've already questioned your spouse. Have you raised your suspicions about his affair to him?

I'm hoping that the answer is no, but if you have you can learn a lot from his response.

Even if you haven't directly confronted him, chances are that you have asked him about where he's been, what he's been doing, or who he's been doing it with at some point or another, and have seen him get into an extremely closed up state.

If he gets defensive, a little bit angry, and just generally standoffish...This is the sign that there's something he's hiding.

Cheating Sign #3) You're Not Invited to Office Parties

In case you don't already know, work affairs are quickly becoming one of the most common types of infidelity around, mostly thanks to the evolution of two working parents and the ease of mobile communication.

These days your spouse in spending more time at work than he is with you...Even a normal 40 hours work week doesn't leave too much quality intimacy time for the two of you, and if he's working closer to 50 or 60, or if you have kids (or both), then chances are you and your husband really don't get too many of those close, romantic date nights.

Obviously, if your husband is starting to become interested in someone at his place of work, then you are certainly not going to be invited to his office events. He will do everything in his power to keep you from either being interested or just from going in general.

Unfortunately in this article I've only barely brushed the surface of the many signs of cheating available to you, however, I don't want you to be discouraged just because you've still got some questions.

I'd like to help you out, so this is what I'm going to do for you:

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Anyways, good luck either way!

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Just visit our home page at http://SignsCheating.com/ to get 101 signs of cheating for absolutely free.