If you've been watching the news for the past month, you've undoubtedly seen one or two stories about Bitcoins. For years, this crypto currency has been a favorite among Magic The Gathering fans and those seeking to satisfy a chemical addiction without the authorities realizing it.

However, with each passing day, Bitcoins are making their way into the major markets and are poised to become a real alternative to government-issued money. On top of all this, there is a constantly growing "stock market" for Bitcoins, which is making smart traders a fortune. Could you be one of those day traders? Will your favorite online store ever take Bitcoins? Let's explore below so you can better understand why you should buy Bitcoins now.

Exchange rates are favorable for now

Most people who choose to buy Bitcoins do so for the value of the investment. Just over a year ago, Bitcoins were worth around $ 40 each. Last month, the coin hit a record high of around $ 206, and is currently holding steady at the $ 100 range. Fortunes have been made buying Bitcoins and selling them at the right time.

Bitcoin's mini bubble burst last month, and this has scared some rookie investors; but this is really a constant fact. The important thing is to realize that every time the coin recovers, it jumps to an even higher value. It is volatile; but very profitable.In addition, with a limited number of Bitcoins in stock, the value is expected to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

New websites take bitcoins every day

What drives that growth? It is not just speculation, this would cause Bitcoin to collapse like so many other cryptocurrencies from the past. Bitcoin survives and continues to grow because it is actually seeing online adoption. Currently, this is limited to single departures. Online clothing stores, service providers (coding, design, etc.) and other "novel" products make up the majority of Bitcoin adopters so far; but they are only the first wave.

PayPal is currently trying to find a way to adopt Bitcoin in its current model, and this could mean that partner eBay is not far behind. This will lead to an explosion of the use of Bitcoin online. But there is also an offline presence, with the opening of the first Bitcoin ATM earlier this month. Content aggregation site Reddit had a post earlier this week representing a convenience store that had its own "We Accept Bitcoin" sticker, the only thing stopping them is a better implementation. https://www.cryptoexchangefx.com/

Bitcoin is still in the "ground floor" stage

However, the most important reason why you should buy Bitcoins is that this coin is still on the ground floor. All indicators point to the currency seeing big jumps in value and implementation in the near future. Those who have already invested in Bitcoin, and those who participate in the immediate future, can see huge returns on their investment.

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Bitcoin is the digital currency that is used to purchase a variety of goods and services worldwide. It works in exactly the same way as paper money